Error factory - Fábrica de errores Sculpture by Carlos Alberto Gomez Salazar

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Art Description

Sculpture: Manipulated, Metal on Steel.

This sculpture speaks of the economic instability that is experienced mainly in the Latin American middle class, which generally lacks a long-term economic and labor projection, generating an imbalance of the life plans of this social class.

Is an installation in which I recreate a collision of objects that propose a clash of forms and functionality of the elements used the proposal. These evoke a state of crisis that leads to question the orgien of these pieces and what they represent in society. The deformity and balance play in the components of this sculpture make us think of concepts, such as the uneven and the unstable, which are necessary to understand this work.

I chose these exhibitors because they represent in a very subtle way what is the consumer industry in general, because they are all objects that support mass consumer products like clothes, food, cosmetics etc. Also because being deformed and injured, they become trash of the mega industries of the consumption of material goods. Supermarkets and what is consumed in them, for example, reflect the economic capacity of a society, then these elements and the way I use them (deformity and balance play between forms) are ideal for talking about the idea of ​​economic instability in the middle class of any society in the world.



Error factory - Fábrica de errores

Carlos Alberto Gomez Salazar



Size: 75 W x 78.7 H x 59.1 in

This artwork is not for sale.