Human Anatomy Foot - Smooth white 3D print Sculpture by David Marchal

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Closeup of the side

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Human Anatomy Foot - Smooth white 3D print

David Marchal



Size: 2.8 W x 3.5 H x 7.4 in

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Art Description

Sculpture: Digital, Resin, 3D Sculpting on Plastic.

The human foot, while essential for movement is also susceptible to fractures. 
Its bones are very hard but can be broken at the same time.

Herein lies the duality of mankind. A person can appear to be very tough but seemingly innocent events can break/wound her/him (physical and emotional).

This duality is illustrated by the sturdiness of the sculpture, while the semi-translucent material hints at the vulnerability.

Unique sculpture (only 1 made).

A word on the creation process:
This is a high resolution 3d printed sculpture based on actual scanned skeletal data. It is made of solid resin, meaning that no part of the model is hollowed out to save on material. The model is completely solid, just like our bones.

After the model is printed in white resin, it is cured (with UV-light and baked in a special oven), resulting in a strong and durable sculpture.

The next step is to meticulously sand it by hand to create a smooth surface. This ensures that any visible layers, resulting from the print-process, are eliminated.
Finally, 3 layers of transparent matte varnish are applied. 
The result is a slightly grainy, matte finish, which makes every detail stand out.

Artist: David Marchal