Humour for Consumer 'Slipper'

United Kingdom

Size: 8 H x 12 W x 8 in

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Art Description

Sculpture: Environmental, Paper, Stone, Fabric and Digital on Sound and Other.

Humour for Consumer 'Slipper' I normally collect my Fyffes stickers to make sure I get my five a day. On this day I peeled my banana and split the sticker in two, to my dismay so I thought of Andy Warhol and created this parody of his great work. Thanks Andy and Fyffes.

Keywords: Slippers, Edible Art, Consumerism, Food, Fun, Humor, Banana

Subjects: Food

Styles: Conceptual, Fine Art, Minimalism, Pop Art, Street Art

Mediums: Environmental, Paper, Stone, Fabric, Digital

Materials: Sound, Other

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