L109 study for "lunar lyrics" (2) Sculpture by Juliet Vles

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Installation view
Interior view
Interior view

Art Description

Sculpture: Paint, Glue, Acrylic on Paper, Wood.

Throughout human history, the moon has been a metaphor of the darker side of nature - of mystery and crime, of trance and insanity and, of course, of creative madness. As a died in the wool rationalist, I have no use for moongoddesses and werewolves - even less for the disgusting rites of fascistic moon-sects. But I believe in the beauty of a moonfrozen landscape, the intuition of sleepwalkers (y compris in science, as Arthur Koestler has so impressively shown), and in the power of the human mind to create poetry out of a moonlight shadow.

The KRYPTA series
Relief and assemblage work, half-painting half-sculpture - geometrical constructions overlaid with painting, drawing and written panels incrusted, intarsia-like, into the supporting frame. The word «Krypta» (from Greek «hidden», «secret») stands for an artistic expression that depicts neither the reality nor the abstraction of our conscious perception of being, but the imago of an unconscious area of the mind not immediately accessible to analytical intelligence.

This artwork was featured in the New This Week Collection 10-24-2016 curated by Rebecca Wilson



L109 study for "lunar lyrics" (2)

Juliet Vles



Size: 66.9 W x 44.1 H x 3.9 in

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Artist featured in a collection

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Featured in Inside The Studio

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