Mea culpa Sculpture by telly van der smissen

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Mea culpa

Art Description

Sculpture: Fabric, Metal, Paper, Sound on Paper, Other, Sound.

Whatever you are and wherever you have been, at the first you are a human. What does it matter what country and roots you come from, you belong to the world. Nobody asks newborn whether they want to belong to a specific religion or nationality, nobody asks them if they want to be born.

But they are there and they grow up and build the society. They create the rules and borders to be save. They want to save themselves from the unknown and from peril.

They restrain themselves and are looking for their origin. But they forget one thing : the more you are concentrated on yourself the more you get lost in a dark world without origin.

Those who say that culture bring humanity together may be wrong. In order to bring people together we have to cut all roots and border and believe in humanity.

For as long as religion, belief to any kind of ideology and root or political dependency exists, it will be the big dilemma that will never lead us to be liberate thinking.

All these circumstances cause us to feel rootless, even at home.

Telly van der Smissen




Mea culpa

telly van der smissen



Size: 39.4 W x 66.9 H x 39.4 in

This artwork is not for sale.