Nature's Beauty Sculpture by Kelly Gray

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Art Description

Sculpture: Ceramic, Clay, Paint, Screenprinting, Stencil on Ceramic.

Pattern and colour have been a major influence in my artwork since I became an artist. I'm inspired by patterns and shapes I see whilst I'm out and about and in different places. These patterns often go unnoticed or unseen by the human eye and I like to bring these out in my work and translate them into colourful surface pattern. To create my work I'm inspired by the processes of screenprinting mainly silkscreening, it's a suitable way to to apply the patterns and colours onto the medium. I wanted to use clay in particular porcelain because it's a smooth material and it really shows the quality of the tones and the textures.
By looking at my artwork, I want viewers to see that patterns that aren't noticed or are ignored can be captured and translated into a different material to show off their beauty and shapes. I also want them to see that functional and decorative can be merged together in a sculpture so it has more than one use or purpose.

The pebbles can be sold as a composition or a set or can be sold separately. They are different shapes and sizes as the measurement stated is for one of the bigger pebbles.

They can also be placed anywhere in the home or outside to decorate an interior or exterior space or brighten any room.



Nature's Beauty

Kelly Gray

United Kingdom


Size: 6.5 W x 9.5 H x 5.5 in

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