PRIMITIVE | HANGING LAMP Sculpture by Piergiorgio Robino

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Piergiorgio Robino


Size: 61 W x 29.5 H x 61 in

This artwork is not for sale.
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Art Description

Sculpture: Mixed Media on .

“Primitive” hanging lamp, 2009
Design Nucleo_Piergiorgio Robino + Daniele Ragazzo
cardboard, fiberglass, polyester resin, 75×155 cm. Edition of nine pieces.
Primitive as primary geometric figures.
Primitive as computer language called the simplest solid objects.
Primitive as, in English, are defined original, coarse and wild objects.

A project focusing on erasing all excess decorative style after the last neo-baroque objects created.
The project aims to fragment and destruct. To reduce aggregated forms to elementary geometry.Nothing more and nothing less than volume, crucial and bearing structure, strength and vital consistency of materials.
Sofas, armchairs, tables and lamps comprise an outstanding environment in space and time.
A free territory, mindful of history and, at the same time, a peace and listening place, invites one to live the present, and take the mind back to ancestral forms, to design new images and ideas.
The workmanship makes unrepeatable and unique objects: made entirely by hand without the use of presswork and finished with non-toxic resins that reveal signs and imperfections.
Living Primitive elements reflect on elementary forms used by Le Corbusier to create architectural and urban space.
The return to structure is a twentieth Century leitmotiv, with artistic avant-garde, from Cubism, to Abstract art, to Constructivism, Suprematism. The art is free from ‘enslavement’ to the subject, able to translate the motions of the human soul with the pure colour or pure form.
In “Spiritual in Art”, Kandinsky devotes many pages to elementary figures, Malevic entrusts artistic representation of a single subject, the famous Black Square on a white background.
“Arte Povera” of the Sixties and the current “minimal” expression in art and design are a ceaseless research into the great depths that the simple form does have.
Primitive is a tribute to this research, and, retaining the double meaning of rationalism and geometric primordial spontaneity, evoking the paradox, field favourite to creation.