Pixel Bug Sculpture by NMPM Patrick and Nan Massobrio

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Close-up on "Pixel Bug"
Close-up on "Pixel Bug"

Art Description

Sculpture: Paper, Textile, Paint on Wood.

(Folded paper, sewing threads, acrylics on MDF board)

This "Sewing Pixel Art" piece is composed of what we call "Caizongs". CaiZongs are traditional Chinese ornamental structures made of folded paper and sewing threads on which we brought our own twist. Miniaturized and arranged as mosaics, CaiZongs now take a digital feel similar to pixel art while preserving a handmade aspect. All the components of theses artworks are handmade by us with the greatest care in Monaco.

This "Pixel Bug" piece is made of folded paper and sewing threads structures assembled on a 6mm-thick MDF board. Dimensions are 44 cm x 38 cm (17.32 inches x 14.96 inches). It is both light and strong and can be hanged by the hook on the back of the board.

This artwork is unique and comes hand signed.




Pixel Bug

NMPM Patrick and Nan Massobrio



Size: 17.3 W x 15 H x 0.6 in

This artwork is not for sale.