Sailing Sculpture by Monique van Stokkum

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The small cabinet seen from all sides. At both sides there are holes to put in small papers with texts or small drawings.

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Monique van Stokkum



Size: 10.2 W x 10.6 H x 5.1 in

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Monique van Stokkum


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Art Description

Sculpture: Wood, Paper, Metal, Oil on Wood, Paper, Other.

Art as a safe place to remember things you never want to forget.
A small personal wooden art-cabinet to store valuable memories
From 2015 Monique makes ’Art to remember’, wooden art-objects in different sizes, to store small things that remind you of moments you never want to forget. For yourself or to give to someone else on a very special occasion. Ment for everybody, adults or children and unique for they are all different. The objects all tell their own little story and they invite you to add your own story. When you look at them you see impressions of nature, traces and footprints, travelling roads, rivers and boats, blue sky and white clouds, and so on. The little cabinets are painted inside and outside with a lot of care. Mostly with oilpaint, sometimes with acrylpaint. An extra dimension is given by the use of other materials like gold leaf, brasswire, paper, textile, found materials.