Skulptur 12.12.2004 Sculpture by Jürgen Albrecht

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Art Description

Sculpture: Paper mache, Paper, Paint, Wood, Metal on Cardboard, Iron, Paper, Wood, Other.

The works of Jürgen Albrecht are abstract compositions, whose nuances range from inpenetrable black to bright white. They are neither pictures nor objects, but three-dimensional fields of operations.Their initial point is the seemingly architectural model they are located in. Lightprojections, crowdings and crossfades create spatial contexts, which are, just like stagerooms, maybe illusions. Inside and outside are fading, open and closed spaces are moving into each other. A dialog. Daylight and artificial light are changing their functions as well as their shadows do. In the aesthetical challenge of the perception of room-specific atmospheres, new interlaced interiors are beginning to get realized. They are visual labyrinths in which the dual nature of light is mirrored as a material and an immaterial phenomenon. Light and shadow. Moving and tranquility.
My eye is catching extend spaces, just as high as a hand is, but felt able to step in. In my imagination my body is transforming itself equal to their proportions and starts to wander inside of them. I am walking through new places, close to myself, and forget the chattering around in the showroom.
I am joining an exhibition of Jürgen Albrecht.
His sculptures aren’t showing us anything, they are creating off-spaces and make ourselves to authors of what we see. No ingenious technics or special effects are needed, just simple cubes made of cardboard, bit white paint and the setting of light, if artificial or taken from the day, maybe projected, are enough to spread our minds and feelings. We are napped right into our own world, which we might never realized that way before. Just one person at once can take a look into the sculpture’s window, picturing an own imagination, then passing by to give room for a new viewer.
But the space itself will never get lost. Step in twice or how often you want, the place will be waiting for you and get changed the way you did meanwhile.
Isabelle Mars


Skulptur 12.12.2004

Jürgen Albrecht



Size: 6.7 W x 6.7 H x 15.2 in

This artwork is not for sale.