Soft bite / Leaves no marks Sculpture by Danilo Krstajic

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Art Description

Sculpture: Wood, Fabric on Wood.

This peace is about situations we find ourselves often in which leave consequences on us that are not obvious but nevertheless they influence us indirectly maybe even determine us in some ways. It is a common story of aggressor and victim that this piece can refer to with it’s duality. This duality is based on these two points of view, opposite but inseparable. The essence of my idea with this piece is to explore this phenomena. The dual title suggest this point. Soft lips and hard teeth-cap (crown) biting on each other provokes a thought about an internal struggle rather then external conflict. This thought is putting the border inside duality to doubt. It refers to dominance and strength, a situation where one is in obvious but not actual advantage.
The ‘’crown’’ is made out of wood veneer glued together and carved into form. The circles create a dynamic that suggest a destress, aggression and it could provide a sense of discomfort. The ‘’lips’’ Are made out of soft memory foam covered with velour, the relief on it is made buy the crown pressing against it, creating a gums like form.





Soft bite / Leaves no marks

Danilo Krstajic



Size: 33.5 W x 19.7 H x 7.9 in

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