Soul of a Human Sculpture by Homo Magus

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Art Description

Sculpture: Acrylic, Oil on Wood, Other.

мои скульптуры завораживают и восхищают. зритель может рассматривать их бесконечно долго. вы получаете удовольствие сравнимое с удовольствием от созерцания великого искусства ренесанса.
Мое искусство полностью религиозно, но в нем нет религии. Оно изображает не предмет поклонения, не идола. мое искусство полностью реалистично изображает истинную цель и причину человеческой жизни. оно изображает человеческую душу такой, какой ее необходимо взрастить каждому человеку в течении своей жизни в этом мире.

I made the openwork part by acrylic paints. This part is voluminous, translucent and very fragile. I covered it with an epoxy to give more strength, but you will need to be careful with this part anyway. I attached the openwork part to the wood, so she found a reliable support, as a weightless soul finds support in the material world.
There are two holes behind the wooden base. You will be able to reliably hang the art on self-tapping screws.

The price of the art consists of:
a studio rent per month (I need a month to produce sculptures) + materials and packaging + average monthly salary in my region + delivery + payment for services of this gallery.
I'm do not add anything to the cost in excess of the simple cost price. There is no show off, only my own skill.

The need to identify the nature of the human soul led to creation of the project “Сontemporary icon”. The project enables any person to realize himself as an invaluable jewel, to see his place in the universe, to feel himself part of the grand design of the universe.
«It's me, my nature, my soul, - the spectator will tell himself, - this is something that was hidden from me and now in the opening will give the strength to go up, to the very tops of my development. "
Ancient master icon painters tried to convey on the icons not the physical aspects of being, but the souls of those whom they portrayed. A conventional image of the body was taken, covering it with clothing and a host of other techniques that translated the emphasis from the material world to the spiritual.
We are moving on to the next. The human body is not covered. It is completely deleted. We see pure soul.
The soul is the main character of the art project, because the meaning of being in the material world is construction of the soul. Everything we do, every step of our way, every choice of us is steps in building our soul only.
The sculpture passes through all stages of building the soul in the cycle of its construction to the final artistic object. It is built according to the same laws and under the same conditions.
First it's a white sheet. He is like a human body at birth. It does not have a full soul. It has only the possibility of the initiation of the soul.
The artist takes it, cuts it, drills it. Material, at first calmly gives itself to the artist's hands and obeys his will. Similarly, God begins to create a subtle soul by the evolution of the human body in the space of material everyday life.
Then the level of testing is increased. Material is sprayed with solvent. it boils in the war for life and begins to show its essence. The sculpture is mutated in the birth, melts in a steep cloud of paint. It is reborn in a stream of gold and color, cures layer by layer.
Changes go deeper and deeper until the original material of the physical body disappears completely. Remains only a trace of its trials and achievements, fixed by a completely new element that grows on these movements and allows the soul to exist in eternity. This is how God works, elevating the material of the soul to his altitude.
Sculpture as the soul is born of torture. It is painful to perfection. As a result, the soul becomes a colossal force. It emerges from the ordinary cell of the material, breaks loose and creates a new world. It is part of the construction of the universe together with the same precious souls.
ATTENTION! VERY IMPORTANT! The sculpture is very fragile. Should be stored under the glass. delivered by courier (artist) only/ shipping by train and car - negotiate with the operator.




Soul of a Human

Homo Magus



Size: 15.7 W x 28.3 H x 5.1 in

This artwork is not for sale.