Stained Paper Couplet Sculpture by Lizzy Knight

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Art Description

Sculpture: Metal on Paper.

The Stained Paper Couplet has been made in reaction to the Sienna Duomo with its stark symmetry and Gothic patronage. The two lamps fixed side by side are reminiscent of memories of twin steeples and archaic candle holders. The unfinished copper layer reminds the viewer of the gradual decay of these magnificent cathedrals, that only adds to the lamps sense of beauty.

The silhouette of light in each lamp is mirrored, creating an ambient glow that lights up aspects of the room to create a mood of abstract etherealness.

The Stained Paper Couplet is made from 4000 hand folded modular pieces of recycled magazine paper, each piece set and then sealed with resin, covered with copper and finished on a candelabra fitting.




Stained Paper Couplet

Lizzy Knight

United Kingdom


Size: 7.9 W x 11.8 H x 5.9 in

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