Sunflower covered with dust or Dew drops Sculpture by Maria Ghisi

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Art Description

Sculpture: Found Objects, Environmental, 3D Sculpting, Engraving, Stone on Other.

A stag antler nyoi sceptre in the form of an attenuated sunflower stem (after an intelligent sashi-netsuke by Imai Oshin circa 1880-1900). A fine art carving from a malformed antler, shed by the deer. The slender stalk terminates in the corona, which is worked to represent the head of the flower. Around it winds a channel of exposed porous core and close to the base a small figurine has been carved to simulate a small branch. The dew drop in the corona is a moonstone of gem quality. The sculpture is inspired from a haiku by Basho (Dew drops. How else can you wash away so much dust of the world) and it is aiming to reveal a spontaneous, familiar and with a simple subtle beauty, image of inner clarity. An image that has been experienced as a crossing of a floating, fleeting world if dreams, happy and at times painful, though always transient.The deer (shika) or stag is emblematic of longevity and good fortune.



Sunflower covered with dust or Dew drops

Maria Ghisi



Size: 16.5 W x 0 H x 0.1 in

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