The flow of life 2017 Sculpture by Marjo Dill

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The flow of life 2017

Marjo Dill



Size: 32 W x 40 H x 27.5 in

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Art Description

Sculpture: Mosaic, Metal, Glass on Other, Stainless Steel, Glass.

My style of working is also characterized by biomorphism and organic design, a term often referred to as organic, abstract forms derived from biology and living organisms. As a design principle, organic design is not limited to a specific style. What all organic objects have in common is a design that has been developed from within, and a focus on accentuating emotional expression. Recurring techniques include smooth lines and soft forms, focused structures, volumes and dynamic forms, designs that are related to their environment.

The point of departure for the unique sculpture was a broken heart. This sculpture was literally and figuratively created with blood, sweat and tears, and was slowly built up by millions of broken mirror glass pieces.
"A broken heart is not just poetry, it really exists. From the moment that I myself was confronted with all sorts of symptoms, and which were also inexplicable after a cardiac catheterization in 2006, I was impressed by the heart as an organ. As visual artist / designer this information became visually strong, and perhaps a starting point for my further visual expression. Until recently I started networking about a broken heart, yes you may already guess it, it really exists. Not only have a broken heart in the vernacular, but also as a physical disorder, namely the broken heart syndrome. The disease is also called Tako-tsubo cardiomyopathy.