"give me space" gs1 Sculpture by Brigitte Saugstad

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Art Description

Sculpture: Clay, Ceramic, Acrylic, gold on Ceramic, Other.

The sphere is the circle transmitted to the three-dimensional circle and corresponds essentially to its symbolism. However, it is even more perfect the symbol of completeness and totality, of the soul and of the totality of all opposing opposites. The symbol of the sphere means the totality of all possibilities in the finite world; The original form, which contains the possibilities of all other forms; The world egg; The overcoming of time and space; Eternity; The Anima mundi (Plato) and the cyclic movement of renewal; In ancient times, the ball was considered not only as a picture of the individual soul, but also of the welts, and in part also as the image of the god. The sphere, which was regarded as the most perfect form of space, became the symbol of the universe (earth globe), the heaven surrounding the earth as sphaera (star heaven, heavenly vault) and primordial (Plato). In Plato's banquet, the ball is presented as the original bisexual form of man, which was divided by Zeus, who thought the people so close to their perfection and wanted to put an end to it. By halving the round man into two sexes he freed the eternal longing for the other half, which became the fundamental motif of man's quest for his totality.



"give me space" gs1

Brigitte Saugstad



Size: 11 W x 11 H x 11 in

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