Ken Kung

Ken Kung

Hong Kong, China, Hong Kong

About Ken Kung

Ken Kung, born in Hong Kong, a city of mixed culture. He started doing photography at 8 and developed the image art style of calmness and balance of energy. He never attended any art school or University, even didn't have formal training on design, art, and photography, but focusing on art and media culture driven by passion and love since teenage

He was a videographer and video director until his 36 birthday and decided to quit his job after a big change in life path, travel a long trip to Europe, start writing, topics from Art, self-growth to spirituality. After 2 years of self-studying, he found his way to create an agency, to be an artist, and to put his passion in the art industry.

Ken believes that Art is the soul of human beings. It's about the inner energy wanting to create something beautiful and shape reality, to improve the world. He believes that his Artwork and writing can ignite the soul from the heart. Art presents the unique spirit of you to the world and is responsible for revealing the truth, the soul, and passion.

Art is the exit of creation and reality.
Be Good To Life. And hope you love my work.


Tertiary Education
Self taught on art, design, culture and social media communication.


Featured artist on Hansford and Sons Emerging Artist Platform
Featured artist on Platform
Feature interview on


Paticipate in ARTOZE- International Online Art Exhibition - Welcoming the New Year
with a New Start, 4 Artworks selected out of 5.

Up and coming 2021
Joint Exhibition, Jackson Lee Arts Centre & Gallery, HK
Exihibate and sharing in The Mills 南豐紗廠 IP Lab「身心靈 x Arts Chill Out Day」
Feature interview in International Art Magazine - Magzoid
Joint exhibition in 艺鵠 ACO gallery
Exhibition in Casphalt 清山塾
And more