Jack Froelich

Jack Froelich

Petersfield, United Kingdom

About Jack Froelich

Jack was born in 1944 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He has lived in the Middle East and Orient and now makes his home in the UK.

I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. Though I studied art at school, I ended up with a degree in languages, then spent the next 40 years driving airplanes, first for the USAF, then the Airlines. I have always loved vintage planes and cars, therefore have concentrated on them in my art. Now that I have the time to do so, I plan to branch out and am currently working on a commission involving landscape painting


I have a BA degree in German and Russian from Denison University, Granville, Ohio. I have lived in Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Korea and have extensive work experience in China and Japan. Though my work was in Aviation, I have always drawn and painted when I had the chance. I have work on permanent show in Kunming, China, Seoul, South Korea and the US. I had work in the Guild of Aviation Artists Annual Exhibition in 2010 (Sold).,


Future Shows: I will have work on display in the Aviation Art exhibition which runs concurrently with the Bournemouth Air Fare and am preparing for further submissions to Guild of Aviation Artists shows.