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Artiste les Tordus

Sherbrooke, QC, Canada


self-taught sculptor of new and recycled metals, by assembly of welding, gluing and bolts, sometimes I incorporate other mediums, like wood, paverpol, etc ...


Megaphonear thumb


Sculpture18.3 W x 15 H x 8.7 D in

The color chart of" But where is Dali ??? thumb

Sculpture20.1 W x 16.5 H x 17.3 D in

The tree of knowledge of good and evil thumb

Sculpture14 W x 27 H x 14 D in

The androgynous funambulist thumb

Sculpture12.2 W x 12 H x 12 D in

"The more it changes, the more it is the same!" thumb

Sculpture21.7 W x 18.1 H x 18.1 D in

Bamboo Panda thumb

Sculpture16.5 W x 17 H x 4 D in

The little ballerina thumb

Sculpture4 W x 11.5 H x 4 D in

Zen Kengaï thumb

Sculpture16 W x 21 H x 9 D in

Elusive Ro thumb

Sculpture9 W x 16 H x 15 D in

Egoist trap thumb

Sculpture10 W x 25 H x 14 D in

Regards d'âmes thumb

Sculpture11 W x 12 H x 10 D in

View All 11 Artworks

inside the studio

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work in progress... metal arm

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My spouse sculpts clay.

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Family time head clay sculpture

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We sometimes give a sculpture initiation training

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