A Ruiz Villar

A Ruiz Villar

Barcelona, Spain

About A Ruiz Villar

Alberto Ruiz Villar is an artist born and based in Barcelona, Spain. Graduated from the Escola Massana Art School in 1996.

His work is created around time as the most powerful sign of fear. Maps explained under the effects of scars. Scars as the representation of what we learned from injuries. His plastic path shows there is nowhere to go, and no rest. The map changes as much as reality does, so, there is no peace. And that’s the way it should be. Ruiz’s work claims we should never find a certainty. There’s no way to walk free from fear.


Statement of purpose:
1. Premises
1.1. The work of A. Ruiz Villar revolves around the quest for a language akin to the following factors:
1.1.1. Provisionality (doubt): Lack of an evident purpose.
1.1.2. Continuity: There are silences, there's no rest.
1.1.3. Uprootedness: There's no commitment to technique, structure, or materials.

2. Process
2.1. Communication is language itself, the only purpose is the creation of a code. His work doesn't take it as necessary to convey a message.
2.2. The elements on which this language rests are:
2.2.1. Strata (time): Chance understood as "˜several events happening at the same time.' * Sedimentation and history.
2.2.2. Scars: The appearance of the accident and its consequences. Marks. Waste and pain
2.2.3. Map: The need to stay in a non-place. Immobility. Limits and borders. Fear. The cage.

3. Results
3.1. Formal results are but new openings which alter direction in language. Pieces are scions which grow in different directions and stay in indefinite places.



Inside Thoughts
Bach Gallery


Here, Now.
Summer Exhibition
Rhodes Contemporary Art
London, UK
Exhibiting with Banksy, Damien Hirst and Nick Smith among others.


A Ruiz Villar
Anunciació: conseqüències. Anunciación: consecuencias. Annunciation: consequences.
Centre Cívic Ateneu Fort Pienc
14/01/2014 — 07/02/2014

The Invisible Line Gallery
London, England.
10/07/2014 — 09/08/2014
Group Exhibition

DelicARTessen 13
Galeria Esther Montoriol
November 2014
Group exhibition


Gallery Michal’s Collection
Prague, Czech Republic
05/09/2013 — 05/10/2013
Co-exhibition con Jiri Hauschka.

Galerie t
Düsseldorf, Germany
19/11/2013 — 24/12/2013
Group exhibition

DelicARTessen 12
Galeria Esther Montoriol
November 2013
Group exhibition


‘L’illa d’Art 2012′
Galeria Safia
L’illa Diagonal, Barcelona
31/05/2012 — 30/06/2012
Group exhibition

‘Možnosti dialogu’
Galerie Beseda
Ostrava, Rep. Checa
02/08/2012 — 01/09/2012
Co-exhibition with Miquel Wert.

‘Doors That used to be tables’
The Buddha Gallery
Conde de Salvatierra, 10.
13/09/2012 — 15/10/2012

‘Hipermerc’art 12-13′
Galeria Safia
Sala d’Exposicions Vinçon, Barcelona
25/11/2012 — 9/01/2013
Group exhibition

‘La Colectiva’
Galerie t
Düsseldorf, Germany
Group exhibition


‘El dia que vaig estimar en Richard Feynman’
(The day I loved Richard Feynman)
Sala de exposiciones del Casino de Vic, Vic.
21/10/2011 — 27/11/2011

‘Hipermerc’art 11-12′
Galeria Safia
Sala d’Exposicions Vinçon, Barcelona
24/11/2011 — 9/01/2012
Group exhibition.