Vicente Atares

Vicente Atares

Zaragoza, Zaragoza, Spain

About Vicente Atares

I am a Spanish artist creator of a contemporary mosaic concept thanks to the technique "natural marble collage" which I developed years ago.

This mosaic art is created by the veins and tones in the marble itself as a “natural marble veining collage”. Working the marble as a combination of sculpture, collage and photography techniques, the mosaics are never printed, making them one-of-a-kind and eternal.

I design and make every work in my mosaic studio with my sons in Zaragoza (Spain). I design and make mosaics as framed mosaic pieces to hang on walls and also as artistic murals.

My style expands from abstract and neo-plasticism to monochromatic photorealistic portraits and landscapes, using natural marble as an eternal material. I have an original art portfolio, and also working by commission.

My inspiration:

I have always been stirred by the passion for the beauty innate in nature. In my youth, it inspired me to become a photographer and painter.

However, of all the different creative expressions bestowed by nature, my underlying passion, the one which had me captivated from the start, was stone.

The hard stone tables in The Prado in Madrid, the softness of the Danaïd in Musée Rodin, and a personal study of the veins in marble were my inspiration.
My training as an industrial engineer was the perfect complement to enable me to design this technique, which makes possible to express in natural stone as never before.

This contemporary mosaic concept creates a new step in mosaic art evolution, redefining one of the most primitive forms of artistic expression: placing stones side by side to create lasting art.


Emblematic projects made:

- Mosaic portrait of H.H. Felipe VI King of Spain, which I introduced to Letizia Ortiz, Queen of Spain.

-Memorial mosaic of football player Alfredo Di Stefano of Real Madrid C.F., which was presented to Mr. Emilio Butragueño, Head of Public Relations of the Club, in Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in the trophy room.

-Mosaic portrait of President John Kennedy, as tribute of his role encouraging space race. It is a collage of his portrait and a rocket launch to the moon.