Bart Somers

Bart Somers

’s-Hertogenbosch, Noord Brabant, Netherlands

About Bart Somers

Three hundred kilos ofsteel, 15 mm thick and as flat as a coin, wait in front of my large hydraulic press and my cutting torch, like a painter's empty canvas, or the empty screen in front of the writer.

In this very moment my imagination takes shape and I flash my torch. Each facet of my sculpture achieves its form as I patiently work towards the end result.
I sculpt with a forging hammer and paint with my cutting torch – a pure way of working.

My workshop on the warf in Heusden stimulates ceation on a large scale. From the moment I arrive in the morning, the clanging of hammers and the wail of grinders become my ringtones.

It’s fascinating to see how iron can assume organic shapes, how it can be made soft as a horse’s muzzle. And when you stroke the rump of my zebra, you can feel the curve of it’s firm buttocks.


2019 Working full time on my Messerschmitt BF 109
scale 1:1 airplane, in steel of course
Aerosteel industries is born!

2018 Art Veghel

2017: Biennale Tilburg
van Loon Galleries, Vught
Gallery Honingen, Gouda
Première of my Fearless House project

2016: Biennale Babant
Art Breda
Gallery de Medicis Paris
Première Art Movie about my trip to Mongolia

2015: Art Nocturne, Knokke
Beurs of Berlage in Amsterdam
A journey with my steel life size horse to

2014: Porsche Headquaters in Weissach, Germany
Permanent exposition Galery des Medicis, Paris

2013 Medaille d'argent in the Louvre, Paris for the
Stainless Steel dog

2012 Shanghai Art Fair

2011 Lorenzo II Magnifico Award at the Biennale
Internazionale D’Arte in Florence.

2010 Artist of the year at the MECC in Maastricht