Atlanta Weiss

Atlanta Weiss

Cologne, Germany

About Atlanta Weiss

Atlanta Weiss is an interdisciplinary artist researching the topic of IDENTITY, NATURE & CULTURE. Her studio is currently based in Cologne, Germany. Her cultural background is enriched by Russia, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Being born into a family of artists and art lecturers she was taught in classical academic art from an early age. With early first steps in commissioning portraits she found her calling as a portrait artist.

During her studies at Peter Behrens School of Arts (Dusseldorf, Germany) her passion for portraits led her to photography under professor Gerhard Vormwald. During this time she received the National Geographic Award in the category People.

ATLANTA thinks in oil on canvas and through a camera lens also researching new edge materials.


"In order to capture their heroic essence you have to fall in love with those you portrait. Then you start to see." - Atlanta Weiss


Atlanta is a nature lover. Therefore, she wants her creative process in the studio to be sustainable. We are very proud to announce that we have partnered with One Tree Planted! This partnership will plant ONE TREE for every artwork sold. This studio principle applies to all Atlanta’s artworks, be it paintings, drawings or photographs. Every sold artwork plants a tree and helps reforestate the Earth.