Fabian Forban

Fabian Forban

Munich, Bavaria, Germany

About Fabian Forban

Fascinated by quantum physics (e.g. Prof. A. Zeilinger at the documenta (13)) and meditation I am seeking and trying to push new, vaster boundaries with the help of art. My artwork is mostly experimental since I believe in artists of all times to have sought to implement the newest techniques their time would hold in store for them. (One of the many things, besides his ingenious books, I very much admire about Mr Hockney for example with his iPad paintings). After all, art once was indispensable for communication. Today our visual reception is mostly influenced by television, film, video and photography. Photorealism already showed in the 70ies, and Hyperrealism shows today that there are enormous differences between a photograph, a painting and that what we perceive as seen reality.
I have been a writer, author, editor, publisher and owner of a magazine - and now that has been enough...
I am just entering the pitch for the second half of my life and am dedicating this final stage to my lifelong past time, deepest creed and conviction: the fine arts.

For further information about my art or myself please contact:

Larger formats on glass, metal, alu dibond, canvas and silk are possible on commission. I'm avoiding them here for exceeding the upload limit, extensive packaging and my slow pc.


Communication and Art History: MA from Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich.
I went to school before and I' m still learning every day, every hour and every minute.
In the arts I am mostly self taught, beginning with watercolours and drawing in the 70ies, dedicating the 80ies to the airbrush and oil paints, passing on to acrylic in the 90ies and experiments with canvas, textures and groundings and new fabrics, then commencing the new century with film, video and photography, when suddenly professional DSLR equipment became affordable - not to forget the mobile phone photography which is also beginning to change the visual world once again.


2018 - August - September OnArt Film Festival in 6 cities of Poland

2018 - May 11th - June 10th: Badisches Kunstforum (Ebringen/Freiburg) Solo exhibition

2017 - November 2nd - 12th: ARTREPUBLIC Jacksonville, Fl. Video installation for Techism exhibition.

2017 - September 8th -10th: Art Fair Herrenhausen (Hanover) with Werkkunst Gallery.

2017 - June 22nd - 25th: ART Salzburg Contemporary with Werkkunst Gallery.

2017 - June 19th - 23rd: Group multimedia exhibtion celebrating UK-India Year of Culture 2017 with Marpi and Archan Nair at The Nehru Centre in Mayfair, London.

2017 - 2nd - 4th of March: Art Up (Lille, France)

2016 - 1st - 4th December: Art Innsbruck

2016 - June 13th - June 22th: "Underwater Worlds" at "The Greenwich Gallery" in London.

2016 - June 2th - June 5th: Art Stuttgart

2016 - March 12th - 20th: Kunstschimmer Ulm (artfair)

2015 - October 17th - Nacht der Künstler, Darmstadt. One night group exhibition with 14 fellow artists and 25 of my artworks shown by wvr-art.de.


I `ve been featuring my art mainly on Saatchi Art.com website for three years and on other websites. My artwork has sold to private collectors, hotels and business companies in the USA, Great Britain and Germany.

August 2016 - "Photographs for $500 and Under"
August 2016 - "Abstract Works Under $500"
September 2015 - "New Photography for $500 and Under"
July 2015 - "Surreal artworks for $500 and Under".
June 2015 -"New Photography for Under $500".
January 2015 - "Works on Paper for $500 or less"
October 2014 - "Original Works for $ 1,000 and under"
April 2014 - participant in the Motion Photography Prize by Saatchi Gallery

I consider it as my challenge to, maybe in this life, maybe in another, create an artwork that contains so much vital information and is so appealing that it may be considered a contribution to the art world of ts time.