David Backus

David Backus

Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

About David Backus

David Anthony Backus was born in the A36 colony on Saturn’s first and only currently habitable moon Titan. The community on Titan, from the perspective of Earth culture, is ideal. The inhabitants have lived in peaceful harmony for centuries. David was one of very few humans in this colony and so decided that Titan was “great and all” but Earth may be a better fit for him due to his opinion that “the Earth simply has better sandwiches”, which is an opinion he gathered during his time as a janitor with the Earthmedia research program. Now David resides in the idyllic paradise island of Bali, Indonesia, Earth where he operates his own personal studio out of his home and is sure to enjoy his fair share of sandwiches...


10 - 24 January 2018, Museum of Abstract Art, Coliseum of Intergalactic Culture, B504 public-district, Titan. “CPoTCP”

1 - 20 August 2016, Open Area Hall (A36 Colony Licensing Office entranceway) Areacenter, A36 Colony, Titan. "A curated collection of local artists"

3 - 15 March 2015, Public Works, G10335 RA, B2 Colony, Titan. "Seasonshift - a quarterly curated multidisciplinary showing of two-dimentional works"

20 - 25 June 2013, Brinks Cafe, Cs33 "the salvage yard" RA, A24 Colony, Titan.