Alexander Zaklynsky

Alexander Zaklynsky

Seydisfjordur, East Iceland, Iceland

About Alexander Zaklynsky

Born February 2nd 1978 in Rhode Island , USA. Graduated Rhode Island School of Design in 2000. Major: Sculpture. Currently living in Reykjavik, Iceland.
Works with Sound,Video,Sculpture and Painting.

Alexander Zaklynsky is an Artist, Designer, and Curator running Lost Horse Ehf. an art gallery, fabrication and production company initiated in early 2010. Currently
developing projects, exhibitions and designs for fabrication and sale. Lost Horse Gallery was opened in 2007 in Reykjavik, Iceland. Currently based online and in a nomadic exploration for opportunities.


Rhode Island School of Design in 2000. Major: Sculpture.

Currently entering the ArtScience Interfaculty Program at the Royal Academy of Art and Royal Conservatory in Den Haag, Netherlands for a Masters in ArtScience and Music.



- "Constructed Horizons" Solo Exhibition.
Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre in Reykjavík.
June 15th - July 31st.


-Gallery Bakari - Lumine Maris Ubique
Solo Show of Paintings and Bronze Sculpture.
Nov 21st - Dec. 5th. Reykjavik, Iceland

-HEIMA RESIDENCY, Seydisfjordur , East Iceland.
One Year Residency in Seydisfjordur, East Iceland.
Nov. 1st - Nov. 1st

-Odlewnia Artystyczna, Niwy Ostraleckie , Poland.
Eight week Residency for the production of new sculpture. May 23rd - June 7th

-Gallery Apteka Sztuki, Warsaw, Poland.
Solo Exhibition of Painting, a collection of texts in a book publication and Bronze Sculpture.
Feb. 20th - March 30th

-2013  MIET AIR, Beers, The Netherlands.
Residency focused on painting and foundry work for production of bronze sculpture.
Nov 18th - January 31st

-Culturia Residency, Berlin, Germany.
Residency focused on writing and studio practice documenting the creative process.
Aug 5th - November 1st

-The Newport Art Museum, Newport, R.I.
Solo Exhibition titled
“New Works: Constructions of Form and Color”
May 18th - Aug 13th


-The Lviv Center , Ukraine.
Residency in Lviv, Ukraine in collaboration with the Museum of Ideas.
December2nd - January 15th

-The Others Fair , Turin.
Exhibition in Turin , Italy seen by over 15,ooo people. November

-CeRCCa Art Residency
2 month Residency and program in Barcelona, Spain.
Oct. 5th to Dec. 1st

-Brno House of Arts - Remake
Curated collaborative group show based on the works of Bulat Galyev and Synesthesia. March

-Listamann Gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland -
Zaklynsky : New Works - Solo Show of Paintings. October.

-Reykjavik Art Gallery - Cyprislandia 2.
Stoa Aeschylou Arcade Artists exhibited in Reykjavik. October

-Irinis Gallery - Cyprislandia 1.
Lost Horse Gallery Artists Exhibited in Nicosia supported by the Ministry of Culture of Cyprus. Exhibition and 1 month Residency with Stoa Aeschylou Arcade. February


-Reykjavik Art Gallery – The Gold Series
Solo Exhibition in October of new works and large prints on aluminum and wood. Reykjavik, Iceland

-Media Depot Festival
Exhibition of video works in August at the Contemporary Art Festival in Lviv, Ukraine.

-Reykjavik Art Gallery – The Chase Series
Solo Exhibition in February of painted works and large prints on wood. Reykjavik, Iceland