Beata Belanszky-Demko

Beata Belanszky-Demko

Soskut, Pest, Hungary

About Beata Belanszky-Demko

"The Hungarian artist Beata Belanszky Demko is inspired, at a young age, by the image, which she discovers through her father's profession as a photographer. Later, she found a more final form of free expression in painting, which she shares with several artists all over the world in the context of the "Transylvanian Artists Community" during gatherings or collective exhibitions.

The artist's gesture is at first guided by a feeling of peace, harmony and silence as she paints. She is intuitive and her creation unfolds as her imagination expands. The process therefore is what is most at stake: let the colours express themselves, the shapes come together, let the paint come to life through the emotions of painting. Oil or acrylic, paint brushes, brushes or knives, the artist can use her tools to explore her deeper self and become an observer or witness to the artistic elaboration of her creation, to what she calls the "miracle" of her work.

Her compositions are fluid, transparent, dare to confront adversaries, to mix geometric elements with supple shapes, muted tones with luminous shades, matter with transparency. The dreamlike landscapes or sunsets that emerge from her works are the reflection of the human being in all its complexity and greater truth." - Carré d'Artistes Gallery


Currently studying sculpting at Jaschik Álmos Art School, Budapest.


"The Church" painting is choosed to be part of the 2018 Art Calendar of Pannoncolor - Hungary

"Runaway Balloon" painting is featured in Saatchi Art's collaborations with Samsung in the new Frame TV

"For Gil Grissom, with Love" painting as illustration in Morta Las Vegas: CSI and the Problem of the West
Author, Nathaniel Lewis,Stephen Tatum, 2017

"Two Cities" painting is book cover for Clergy in a Complex Age. Author, Jamie Harrison. Publisher, SPCK, 2016


2019 September - Transylvania - Satu-Mare (Romania)

2019 September - St Ives (United Kingdom) - Spot the Artist

2019 August - Kerkrade (Netherlands)

2018 July - Lille (France) Carré d'Artises Gallery

2018 April - Transylvania - Satu-Mare (Romania)

2017 September - Aix-en-Provence (France) - Carré d'Artistes Gallery

2017 May - Transylvania, Satu-Mare (Romania)

2016 December - Carré d'Artistes Gallery - Hamburg (Germany)

2016 October - Piritos Pub - Budapest (Hungary)

2016 September - Transylvania, Satu-Mare (Romania)

2015 August – Transylvania, Satu-Mare (Romania)

2015 July – Several Faces of the Woman – Parallax Art Fair, Chelsea, London (United Kingdom)

2013 – „Óperencián innen és túl...” – Puskin Café – Budapest (Hungary)

2012 – Danubius Hotel Helia - Budapest (Hungary)

2011 – Danubius Hotel Helia - Budapest (Hungary)

2011 – „Lélekképek és Életképek” – Montázs Café & Gallery - Budapest (Hungary)

2010 – Váci Mihály Art Gallery - Nyíregyháza (Hungary)

2010 – Alkotóház Gallery - Satu-Mare (Romania)

2010 – DunaPart Gallery - Budapest (Hungary)

Group Exhibitions

2015 – Kenézy Art - Transylvanian Artists’ Community – Debrecen (Hungary)

2014 – Alkotóház Gallery - Satu-Mare (Romania)

2014 – Painting Camp Exhibition - Certeze (Romania)

2013 – Alkotóház Gallery - Satu-Mare (Romania)

2013 – Painting Camp Exhibition – Hodod (Romania)

2012 – Százak Újbudán - Budapest (Hungary)

2012 – Painting Camp Exhibition – Hodod (Romania)

2012 – Bencs Villa – Nyíregyháza (Hungary)

2011 – Alkotóház Gallery - Satu-Mare (Romania)

2010 – „Kép a Falon” - Kertész29 Gallery - Budapest (Hungary)