Belinda J Nailon

Belinda J Nailon

Campbells Creek, Australia

About Belinda J Nailon

Born in Albury, NSW Australia and raised in rural Victoria.

Currently lives and works in Australia

​I seek to capture an ancient wisdom in contemporary forms. I create one off art pieces, or a family of works related to each other either through form, surface work, or concept. I tend to use mainly Raku and Sagger firing processes to create suspense and allow for the unexpected. The unknown is at play here. It could appear through the cracks, or smouldering abstract marks, I see it as a sort of birthing. Nothing to something. Pure energy, to personality. The beginning and ending in one breath.

My inspiration comes from asking the deeper perennial questions about the meaning of life. I seek to understand how beliefs are formed and how unconscious programming can be deconstructed. Noetic sciences, spirituality, ancient wisdom, psychology and philosophy are all conduits I use for expression. I believe understanding aspects of the self is fundamental in connecting with others and every object we perceive. It is through this journey magic, courage and trust is discovered.

I have exhibited Nationally and Internationally and my works are owned in private collections worldwide.


Australian Federation University, Ballarat, Bachelor of Fine Arts Ceramics