Björn Malm

Björn Malm

Almo, siljansnäs, Dalarna, Sweden

About Björn Malm

About me
I am an artist and a creator. A gentleman with a mustache and beard. A writer and a thinker. I must create to get out allot of things, all the ideas growing up inside my body and my head. I love to play with colors and shape and words. I enjoy to express myself.
A lot of things has happened in my life and I have been working with totally different things, like as a ski instructor, sailor, cleaner and nude model. Even if I haven’t  been able to make a living of all of them I haven’t died of any of them.
I am a qualified youth worker and a teacher in creative writing. Working with people has giving me a lot and it is rewording to meet children and work with them.  They are playful and spontaneous but they are also serious and have problems. It’s a giving and taking when you are working with people.
When I work with people it’s more difficult to write but easier to paint. I believe that I have to express myself large when I work close to people. While the small words and ideas for poems and prose is walking into my head when I am out strolling. It’s not always that I can recreate all my ideas and thoughts into pictures and words. Sometimes I need a little help from my friends and family to discuss and understand what it is to have to be released. The whole thing is a process.
Other things which can be good to know about me is that I am a vegan, loves to listen to sound books. I have a fiancee, Sofia and a son, Norton 8 month old. 
I live in Göteborg but grow up in Karlskrona, Sweden.
How I work
When I painting, create, I use a lot of color and shape. I want the observer to both see and feel the work. The motives should be living, moving. Putting on layers of paint.  I create in acrylic and spray paint. I often mix the paint with other substances  like sugar, glue, plastic, salt, flour and ash. I use them to form, to give the structure I want. When I use spray paint I do it to either to make shadows or to create patterns or depth. I use stencils and lace fabrics from secondhand stores, and net and so on.  With the body as paintbrush, I have made as my signature. To use the human body to form. I put paint on mine or some models body and then press the body against the canvas. This is something I have done for several years and I have learnt how to do it by practicing. The body makes an imprint.
When I have used the body I go on working with the painting, to finish it, to get the harmony between background and body. Until I am satisfied, or to the painting talks to me and tells me what it is.
The ideas to my creating I get from what I see and hear, feel.  When I am out walking, from the houses I see people I meet. From memories, the now, and fantasies.  Things that I like or things that I don’t like at all. From colors and shapes. Everything around me that makes me think and feel, something I want to transmit.


Some classes in sculpture and a year on an art school i Gothenburg Sweden


A DIY exhibition for everyone on Göteborgs museum of art
A kiss in a bowl in the Lake of Siljan
Kisses in Siljansnäs church.


Separet Exhibitions on:
Galleri 70 Halmstad
K-oz gallerie Hamburg
Galleri Själagården Stockholm

Group Exhibition on:
Agora gallery NYC
Jain ashok gallery NYC
Galleri Dikmayer Berlin
Galleria Farini Bolonga
Göteborgs konstmuseum
Artkemi Copenhagen

and many more.