KD Williams

KD Williams

Wonderland, Australia

About KD Williams

Textures, light, details, energies, memories, echoes of history, and things unseen; a multi sensory, emotional and visceral response to environments. These are the things that interest me.

I look for the magic: Ochres sprinkled onto glittered enamels; volcanic dust brushed onto ink; movement of light on the surface, interplays of colours and textures.

My process employs an exploratory, heterogeneous approach to media, where anything and everything can be used from found ochres and ground volcanic stone juxtaposited with modern manufactured paints and mediums and the utilization of non traditional, 'low brow' and household mediums (nail polish, dirt, glitter, crayon, felt pen etc). I play with the media observing their reaction to each other to convey a feeling or memory, or simply to fill a formal need, but also to question the Western art canon and inherently my own beliefs on what 'art' is.

Playfulness, chance and intuitive choices are important to the process. I search for the magical little glimpses of connection and being completely 'in the moment' while painting.

Ultimately I hope for the paintings to take on a life of their own during the process.and the resulting combinations of media and colour to express a little dance or visual story that inspires further creative play.

I have exhibited my work locally and online on for over 15 years.
My works are held in many private collections locally and internationally.

Instagram: @k.williams.art
Contact: karenwilliamsandco@gmail.com


Qld College Of Art
Griffith University