Roman Bogdan

Roman Bogdan

Kiev, Kievska, Ukraine

About Roman Bogdan


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Kyiv, UKRAINE 12345
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Painter. Muralist. Working in the field of easel painting, mural painting, and sacred and religious art.

BFA, MFA, National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture
Kyiv, Ukraine, 2008-2014
Studio of Painting, Monumental and Iconographic Art of Mykola Storozhenko.

Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral
Donetsk, Ukraine

Designed and executed decorative mural painting over 40 square meters of interior space in newly-built cathedral using original compositions and authentic techniques in traditional Orthodox Christian style.
The work took five years to complete (2013-2015)

Mural in the Church Of Holy Wives-Bearers
Remel, Ukraine

Mural in Nativity Of The Most Holy Mother Of God Convent
Rivne Oblast, Ukraine



2015 Member, National Union Of Artists Of Ukraine

K. Eleva Drawing Competition
1st prize


2021 Participated in the international art competition-GOLDEN TIME TALENT, TAKEN 1st PLACE, NOMINATION: PAINTING.

2019 Shadow of “Dream” Cast Upon Giardini Gardens
58th Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy
2018 Childhood Retrospective
Lika Spivakovska Ego Art Center, Kyiv, Ukraine

Modern Outlook Of Ukrainian Contemporary Artists
Ukrainian Parliament (Verkhovna Rada), Kyiv, Ukraine

Ukrainian Contemporary Art Exhibition
National Economic University, Kyiv, Ukraine

2017 Monumental Art Exhibition
Dubno Castle Historical Museum, Dubno, Ukraine
2015 Memory Of The Teacher Retrospective
Lviv National Academy Of Art, Lviv, Ukraine

National Exhibition “Magical Colors Of Dnieper”
Kiev, Ukraine

2014 Personal Exhibition
"Rhythms in painting", Dalian, China

Female Portrait Exhibition
Kharkiv, Ukraine

Easter Art Exhibition
Kiev, Ukraine

2013 Christmas Art Exhibition
Central House Of Artists, Kyiv, Ukraine

2011 Painterly Ukraine
Kharkiv, Ukraine

Generosity Of Native Land
Kiev, Ukraine


2021-Participated in the international art competition-GOLDEN TIME TALENT, TAKEN 1st PLACE, NOMINATION: PAINTING.