Oksana Boguslavska

Oksana Boguslavska

Lviv, Lviv, Ukraine

About Oksana Boguslavska

I’m a painter and graphic artist living and working in Lviv, Ukraine.
The things that I find the most important in painting are: emotion, mood, color and atmosphere. I’m inspired by travels, events, nature and people. Buildings and streets, colors, textures, light and shadow – all this gives me many ideas for painting and creation.
Here is my website http://boguslavska.art/


Lviv National Academy of Arts, Graphic design department, master degree.


2012 - become a member of Young Artists “Wings.”
2013 - participated in an exchange program between Gdansk and Lviv Academy of Arts.
2015 - participant of the Gaude Polonia grant program the Polish Minister of Culture, Art Academy in Warsaw, Poland.


Personal exhibitions:

2012 - Personal exhibition of paintings and graphics. (Ivano-Frankivsk,Ukraine)
2012 - Personal exhibition of painting “Colors of Time”. Gallery “Seasons” (Lviv, Ukraine)
2013 - Personal exhibition of painting “Journey”. Videnski bulocku” (Lviv, Ukraine)
2013 - Exhibition of graphics and painting , office EBA ( Lviv, Ukraine )
2016 - Personal exhibition of painting "Time", with the participation of Jacek Jędrzejczak. Institute 116 (Warsaw, Poland)

Participant of the following exhibitions:

2006 - International outdoor painting. (Lancut, Poland)
2008 - “Carpathian ridge”. Palac of Arts (Lviv, Ukraine)
2008 - “Exhibitions of lecturer and students”. Palac of Arts (Lviv, Ukraine)
2009 - 13-th International Biennial of the small graphic arts forms and exlibris. (Ostrow Wielkopolski, Poland)
2010 - “Lviv by youth vision”. Ukrsotsbank (Lviv, Ukraine)
2010 - “International Autumn Salon”. Palac of Arts (Lviv, Ukraine)
2010 - “Christmas exhibition”. Mystecka ramarnja (Lviv, Ukraine)
2010 - Art progect “Milk”. Palac of Arts (Lviv, Ukraine)
2011 - Art-now session. (Lutsk, Ukraine)
2011 - Monotype exhibition. Museum of Krushelnicka, (Lviv, Ukraine)
2011 - “Lviv by youth vision”. Ukrsotsbank (Lviv, Ukraine)
2011 - “International Autumn Salon”. Palac of Arts (Lviv, Ukraine)
2012 - VII International plein air painting (Grodno, Belorussia)
2012 - Charity auction “Art for Life”. Cultural center “Lviv” (Lviv, Ukraine)
2012 - Exhibition of students Printmaking at the University of Arts in Poznan (Poznan, Poland)
2013 - XXIV International Biennial of Modern Exlibris. (Malbork, Poland)
2013 - Plein air painting (Tatariv, Ukraine)
2013 - Exhibition of paintings and graphics.(Gdansk, Poland)
2014 - All-Ukrainian Art exhibition on the Artist Day. (Kyiv, Ukraine)
2015 - Plein air painting (Bilshivci, Ukraine)
2016 - Plein air painting (Sniadka, Poland)