Brook Tate

Brook Tate

Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom

About Brook Tate

I am a self taught oil painter based in Bristol, UK. I have always been fascinated with the works of traditional painters and old masters, and at the age of seventeen I found some old paints in my dad's garage. From that day on I spent hours painting in my room after school.

Painting remained a hobby until I moved to Bristol, where my creative process and style seemed to really take wing. My love of traditional portraiture has not changed, but I have discovered a style of composition which celebrates the sitter's personality while standing alone as decorative art. Colour choices are key in my work as I feel very passionately about the importance of choosing the right tones and shades for emotional and atmospheric effect. I chose to use colours that 'sing' in different light, which is heightened and complimented by the use of gold metal leaf and wood engraved details.

I choose to paint on wood panel as the surface is not only a wonderful material for the medium but because every piece has a unique pattern and 'life' behind it. I try to keep large areas of the panel free from paint as this allows for the wood itself to be appreciated. It is always a challenge to decided where to place the paintbrush when the patterns are so beautiful!

I have recently moved away from photorealism and portraiture and started to explore the male body as a response to the feelings I have experienced in the last year or so. My recent work focuses on themes of internalised homophobia, anxiety and gay intimacy.

I have exhibited work in smaller places such as Hastings, to well known areas such as Shanghai and Bristol and London. Over the last year I have really thrown myself into creating 'full time' as I also compose and write music for personal projects and a new musical with The Bristol Old Vic. More of my work can be seen on my website -


The Other Art Fair - Bristol July 27-29th 2018
The Other Art Fair - London March 2019


The Other Art Fair Bristol - July 2018
Brook Tate Solo Exhibition - Bristol - April 2018
Flux Exhibition - Chelsea - April 2018
Talented Art Fair - Shoreditch - March 2018
TianZiFang Shanghai- August 2015
Dragon Bar Hastings - February 2013
Hastings Arts Forum - August 2011/12