Vladimir BRUNTON

Vladimir BRUNTON

Prague, Czech Republic

About Vladimir BRUNTON

Vladimir Brunton, a Czech photographer was born in Rakovnk in the sign of Cancer in 1961.. He uses the old school photography style with a large-format camera and a black and white board film of 8 x 10inches. He processes the photographed material manually and chemically. Produced photographs gives an impression of a painted picture due to the authors original technology. The masterpiece is created on a large-sized canvas, which is moist stretched on a painting frame. The composed technology grants perfect stability of the photograph on a painting frame for several generations and offers a result with perfect depiction of necessary details and required contrast.


Technical Hight school in Ostrava ( focus on nuclear energy ) and ČVUT university in Prague


new OILGRAPHY adjusted on lighting panels from hard wood.
First time in Cafe Charme in Prague from 20.12.2017 till 20.2.2018.


from 2005 till 2017 in Czech, Slovakia and Japan solo and group exhibitions.
- in city Košice, Slovakia - in Filharmony hall -
from 19.1.2018 till 15.2.2018
- in city Košice, Slovakia - in Museum of east Slovakia in Košice - from 12.2.2018 till 17.4. 2018
- in city Košice, Slovakia - in Vojtech Löffler Museum Kosice - from 4.10.2018 till 4.11.2018