Thomas Reich

Thomas Reich

Splietsdorf, Nordvorpommern, Germany

About Thomas Reich

-1959 geb. in the Schlema/Erzgebirge
-1975-1978 technical schools for applied art snowy mountain
since 1986 freelance active
-1997-1999 teaching assignments university of Rostock
since the year 2000 drummers with DR. T.


Works in the public space, projects
In 1990-2010 constructions of the Intenationalen sculpture collection of the administrative district VR
In 1994 Weimar "light dancer"
In 1998 administrative district NVP "Aaron the ferryman"
2000 Grimmen "rhythm" 3Performer, bronze
In 2009 Aida CRUISES, B. B. and the Blue Shakes"
2013 Schaalsee. Glass Meierei "Geregelte Uneinschätzbarkeit"
2014 Glockenzier 5 church bells Anklam


present supports
In 1999 travel scholarship Senegal, Ministry of Education and the Arts Schwerin, MV
International sculptor's symposia, cult ministry of Schwerin, MV
2011 Tribsees "big bass" ,leader Projekt


Artistic development
In 1990 Hamburg stock exchange, castle Willing wheel
In 1991 Greifswald C. D. Friedrich museum
In 1994 Berlin, Meierei central Neukölln
In 1996 Chemnitz, gallery rosary; Hintersee Szczecin
In 1999 sculpture park Katzow; arts centre of Luckenwalde
In 2000 Denmark Wanderaustellung
In 2001 Potsdam, gallery in the new palace
In 2002 Lübeck cloister
2003 Ahrenshoop, new art house
In 2005 Hamburg, gallery of village Knobels
In 2007 Berlin, Harald Hess
2008 Chemnittz, contemporary art museum
In 2009 Greifswald, Max Planck institute
In 2010 Greifswald, the German bank
In 2013 Parchim, gallery ebe
In 2014 Internationally Contemporary artiste, New York
In 2016 Gallerie- Rotklee Insel Rügen
In 2016 Deutsche-Bank Greifswald