Camilo Manrique

Camilo Manrique

Bogotá, Bogotå, Colombia

About Camilo Manrique

I'm an artist from Bogotá, Colombia. I like to express what I feel about the things that shook me making many frames, can be good feelings or not so good. I love to draw with fountine pen on paper, see the contrast between the black ink on the white of my papers, sometimes I like to use crayons on my pieces, with my left side, my atrophied side, my honest side; or sometimes dream with other world, other architecture, buildings made with insect legs, It is a feeling that I was very marked after seeing the work of H.R. Giger.
when I do sculptures i like to let be the material in some parts of the piece, to show the nature of the material, and do the things that I feel right this moment.
And I play guitar too! it is my other passion, to make and feel the sounds, and make rythms only with my fingers and that great instrument, i love it!!


Escuela de Artes y Letras - Bogotá, Colombia


-Spring Competition, Museum de of Americas, Texas (USA) 2016
-Salón Fray Angelico, 2015
-exhibition of contemporary art “TRIANGULO”, Ciudad de México (Mexico), La Habana (Cuba), Bogotá (Colombia), 2014
-42 Osten Biennal of Drawing (Scopia-Macedonia), 2014
Exposition “cinco”, "Espacio Van Staseghen" Gallery, 2013
-Exposition “C.C.”, Casa Ensamble, 2011
-Exposition “Acumulaciones”, Casa Ensamble, 2011
-Participation, Evento Red Conección, 2011
-Exposition “EcoArt”, Casa Ensamble, 2011
-Exposition “Formato Chic”, "+Arte Contemporáneo" gallery, 2011
-Performance “JURAMENTO A LA BANDERA”, 1st. Relational Art Festival, ASAB, 2009
-Installation “JURAMENTO A LA BANDERA”, Socialization 1st. Relational Art Festival on CasAbierta Festival, 2009