Carmen Perdomo

Carmen Perdomo

Ascona, Ticino, Switzerland

About Carmen Perdomo

I call myself a Scientific self-taught painter and sculptor. Studying animal behavior was the most interesting aspect of my 14 years career as a Field Biologist. For most beings, behaviors and drives are explained through survival instincts, except for emotions. It is from this curiosity that my art developed: Art is now my tool to understand why certain images, or art works, evoke in us certain emotions.
"Reflections of Ticino," and "Ticino through my window," are both collections where I explore hedonistic responses through changes in perception. For this reason I've intentionally chosen to work with distorted images to produce a visual foreplay before climax in discovering the subject(s).
When people ask me why I only paint beautiful landscapes and subjects, I answer that it is perhaps because my main source of inspiration is Ticino (Switzerland). Beauty is all I see and know here.
Apart from presenting my work in cities like London and Zurich, the opening of Perdomo Artworks (the gallery) is not only the highlight of my career as an artist, but it is also a place where locals and visitors can experience a true Ticino. After all, the beauty of a place does not lie only on their landscapes, but the culture and lives of its people.


Bachelors of Science, Zoology, from the university of British Columbia


New Artist Fair, London, UK
Soon: Art International Zurich, CH.


Solo exhibition at La Grotta, Hotel Ascona, Ticino, Switzerland.
Solo exhibition at Perdomo Artworks gallery.
Solo exhibition at Delcó high end furniture store, San Antonino, Ticino, Switzerland.