Carolina Sauca

Carolina Sauca

Cobena, Madrid, Spain

About Carolina Sauca

She was born in central Africa in 1961, on the island of Fernando Póo (currently Bioko), then known as Equatorial Guinea or Spanish Guinea, being the capital Santa Isabel (now Malabo).


She studied Geography and History at the University of Salamanca in 1987, and specialized in Prehistory and Archaeology. Later on, she moved to Madrid in order to continue her studies in a private restoration academy. At the same time, she joined the Peña academy of art and painting to prepare herself to enter the official restoration school. She ended her studies in the Official Goods Conservation and Restoration School in 1992.


Collective exhibition, CRISOLART Gallery. Barcelona. Egos XII, July 2016
Salón Realista- Vanguardia. VAGUADA. Madrid. Octubre 2016
III Salón verano de Cuenca. Julio 2016.
II PREMIO Nacional de pintura Villa de Agreda. SORIA. Julio 2016
Asia Contemporary Art Show Hong Kong May 2013
Interpretive Realms Agora Gallery New York 2013
Paz Feliz Gallery Tecnicas Alternativas Madrid Spain 2011
Open Art Fair Utrecht Holland September 2012
Spain Open Art Fair Corea May 2014
Champs Elysees Versalles Fair Paris France March 2014