Carol White

Carol White

Cork, Ireland, Ireland

About Carol White

Collage, in my experience, is informed by life going on in a period in time. It started, as a “named”art form during the Modernist period in the early 1920’s, particularly DaDa. I find myself being very much influenced by simple paper materials and the news, film, people, particularly women, since 2012.
The word “feminism” came to me via my daughter’s post graduate studies.

We live in Ireland. Island life is a different experience from life in America where bridges, overpasses, complicated roads, flight, boats and trains all create a sound track for life.

Clouds are one of my favourite natural phenomena. They appear in my collage quite often. Overlapping groups of people file before my eyes when I’m working with paper - impressions and fragments of sights I’ve experienced factor in through memory. I love paper and I love communicating via collage. Docentry, college teaching and working with my husband on his art practice (in the States) have fleshed out my understanding of composition and space. I live white space in art a d graphic design but I don’t employ it very often in my work. My work is dense and often strange, in that objects may appear in unfamiliar context.

There are undertones of the quietly subversive in collage. The effects might call up a fond memory or uncomfortably awkward moment where there were no words . Simple materials allow for random samplings of the everyday, ridiculous pairings and desires represented by the dark side and animals. People are transported, by dirigible, from one horror to another in one series. Playing with art history places time-honored faces in contemporary vignettes. Edges are important as are associations with the mundane and personal.

Born and raised in NJ, USA, I spent a great deal of time in museums. My father worked in a museum, so wandering through galleries and spending time with adults was a wonderful part of growing up.

Travel and moving brought more stimulation and variety to collage-making - a swift way to record time and place. We moved to Ireland with our 2 children in 1987. Landscape and island clouds dominate life in Ireland. Surreal on a beautiful day.

As a teacher of English in the States, and 20 years of teaching art appreciation and Arts Administration in Ireland - I have arrived, in retirement, in a domain of color and shapes, invented people who merge past and present and humor.

Online presence with Saatchi art and posting collages daily on Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram have brought me a new audience of artists and professionals.

In May 2018 my work appears in Allanah Moore’s book COLLAGE IDEAS. Exhibitions have kept work in the public sector. Edinburgh Collage Collective has included my vinyl cover in their show at the Edinburgh Central Library. There are 2 additional works in a July exhibition in Edinburgh with ECC, The Tent Gallery.

My work was included in KOLAJ magazine #22 this March 2018 in a feature article about The Flying Glue Book Project.


BA Honours Waynesburg University; H.Dip Edu. Visual Arts, University of Mount Union, USA; Museum Educator - trained at The Newark Museum, Newark, NJ.

40 years of teaching and museum education experience.


CECAL Collage Exhibition, Nov-Jan, Loules, Portugal; ZALOP: Illusionary Mail Art Collage, Atlanta Georgia;
6x6 2014,2015, 2016 Rochester Contemporary Arts Centre, Rochester, NY; A Book About Death, CA, USA; Maidens of the Harbour Queens of the Sea, Marseilles, FR; LIMBO, Collaborative Collage for Limerick City of Culture, 2014, Limerick ROI ; Kunstbuchprojekt; Kanyer Art Collection (Collage) chosen as one of the original 10 collagists to be part of their archive/collection.

Featured in a Collection. SPOTLIGHT ON IRELAND, March 2017. Saatchi Art,

Included in the following Magazines:

Le Scat Noir. Collage included in April 2017and Eros Issue May 2017. (invited.)

National Poetry Month April 2017. Collage included in online magazine, Ottowa Canada (invited)

El Patio de la Luna, Art Magazine. Offprint Issue 3, June 2017. (invited).

Included in COLLAGE IDEAS, (to be published March 2018), Octopus Press, (4 collages).

M.A.A.V. (Mail Art Archive Vienna), EVOLUTION, magazine. December 2017.

M.A.A.V. Mail Art Archive Vienna, DREAM WORLDS, Magazine, March 2018.

PURGATORIO. Collage Exhibition, Rome, Italy. March 2018

6" x 6" Exhibition, Rochester Arts Center, Rochester, NY. USA 2015 -2019

DURTY WURDS, book of anarchic work collected by Kate O’Shea. 2 full color pages.

*Included in Doug and Laurie Kanyer Foundation Collection of Contemporary Collage Collection. 2019. 8 pieces included in the collection. Asked to be an advisor, looking for new and interesting collage artists, internationally. In conjunction with KOLAJ magazine, Canada/USA.


Collage/Mail Art: Postcards - Opening of Art School, Milan. Italy 2011; Juxtapose - the Madness of Collage - Next Gallery, Denver, Colorado 2011;
Running with Scissors, Collage, Basement Project Space, Cork Ireland; CECAL - Collage Exhibition. Loule, Portugal, 2013.; Mermaids, Bordeaux, France 2015; Book About Death, Wales, 2014, Angels and Demons 2014, Frida Kahlo: Woman and Mystery , Mexico 2014, Napoleon, the Elba Experience 2015; Collagistes Festival 2014; 2015 included in ARTIST CATALOGUE Winter issue 2015; Image used by SWISS BIOMETRICS to illustrate article -"Approaching Happiness"; Collagistes Collective, Bustin' Out on a Dream October 2016, Whitechapel Gallery, London ; Napoleon: The Elba Experience. 2017; Bocciantriano, group show, Pontorma, Italy; sales to private collections 2016-17. Napoleon, The Elba Years - selected. Feb 2017., 3 COLLAGE ARTISTS, The Blue House Gallery, Schull,Co. Cork, IRL., MAMA PAPA DADA in Folded Fans Exhibut, organized by Petra Lorenz, exhibit. March 19, Chemnitz. GER; , Sarah Walker Gallery, Castletownbere, IRELAND, May 2019, Collages and Sketchbooks. -A Book About Death. 10th annual exhibition. the Last Waltz. Islip Museum, of Art, Islip, New York. (Traveling to France; Volume of ABAD going to Smithsonian Institution, DC, MOMA, NY). - Canadian Collage Co-op; Black and White exhibit, Montreal, Canada; international 1989 Exhibition, group show, Cork, IRL, October 2019., Merz Gallery, Sanquhar, Scotland, Collage exhibition, curated by Ric Kasini Kadour 1/2 2020. Retroavantgarda, Warsaw, Pol 4/20.