Carolina Goedeke

Carolina Goedeke


About Carolina Goedeke

I am a German Artist living in Genoa, Italy and in Berlin.
After living 20 years in Berlin as a professional Interdisciplinary Artist (Painting/ Video Art / Performance / Dance / Clarinet Music) I decided 2017 to pursue my Art also in Italy.
My paintings are created while I am sitting on the rocks of the Riviera Coast, observing the waves of te Mediterranean Sea.
Living directly at the Sea allows me to feel myself in a close contact with nature, being inspired by its transformative dynamics.
Through my intuitive paintings, I want to transmit a sense of wonder and appreciation for the world we are living in, as well as to encourage the flow of emotions and the perception of being reconnected as a part of nature also as a human.

My broad artistic experience in the fields of Dance and Music supports the organic process of my paintings:
Composing a Painting for me is very similar to the process of improvising Music with my Clarinet, or feeling the subtle energies in my body while I am dancing, searching to feel the flow without controlling it.


1986- 90 Studying Clarinet (Classical, Improvisation) at Musikschule Neubiberg/ Munich.
1994- 00 Studying Visual Arts – Painting, Performance, Video and Filminstallation- at Academy of Fine Arts, Munich with Prof. Robin Page and Prof. Klaus vom Bruch
1998- 99 Studying Visual Arts at HdK Berlin with Prof. Katharina Sieverding and Experimental Film with Prof. Heinz Emigholz and with Freie Klasse, Guest Student at Volksbuehne Berlin / Prater, with Christoph Schlingensief, “Wahlkampfzirkus /Chance 2000”
2000 Diploma in Fine Arts, Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, with Video Artist Prof. Klaus vom Bruch
2000 and 2002 Studying Classical Indian Bharata natyam Dance in Chennai / India with Savithri Jagannatha Rao / Kalakshetra Foundation
2001- 04 Studying Classical Indian Bharata natyam Dance in Berlin at Rajyashree Ramesh Academy for Performing Arts
2004-05 Scholarship by Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) for Classical Indian Dance Performance at Ponnaiah Lalitakala Academy, Bangalore.


SOUND IMPROVISATION, Museo del Mare, Genova, “Echoes of Navigation / Songs of the whales”, with Bruno Gussoni, Flute and Percussion; Iao Aea, Bass Guitar; Carolin Goedeke, Bassett Clarinet

CONCERT, Casa della Musica, Genova Disaster Area featuring Carolin Goedeke (Clarinet) live; Sound Improvisation with Iao Aea: fretless electric bass, Claudio Ferrari: electronics, Bruno Gussoni: flutes, birdcalls

SOUND IMPROVISATION /PERFORMANCE: Castello di Nervi, Genova: Bruno Gussoni, Flute; Iao Aea, Bass Guitar; Carolin Goedeke, Dance Improvisation and Bassett Clarinet; in the Exhibition “Flowers of Distraction” by Massimo Barlettani

CLARINET SOLO IMPROVISATION, Vernissage 'Pensieri d'acquerello', Castello di Nervi, Genova, Italia

Performance: DANCING WITH PRESENT AND PAST, l. Architecture, Genova, Quarto Pianeta

SOLO-CLARINET: Clarinet Concerto, W.A. Mozart, KV 622, Original Version for Bassett Clarinet, Fontanehaus, Berlin, Piano Sigmar Gradl; degewo Gallery Remise, Berlin, Piano Alba Gentili Tedeschi

LIVE-DRAWINGS: AGB Library Berlin, Celebration of the Jubilee

CLARINET: Philharmony Berlin, SYMPHONY CONCERT with Sinfonieorchester Schoeneberg, Béla Bartók, Concerto for Orchestra

2014 – 2015
Visual Theater, “MAHATMA & MOZART”, with Manuela Hoffmann, Theater Pasinger Fabrik, Munich and Indian Embassy, Berlin

Solo-Performances and Workshops “BECOMING AN INDIAN DANCER? Bharata natyam & Bollywood” at Ethnological Museum and Museum for Asian Arts, Berlin

Performances, “DANCING WITH NATURE”, with Manuela Hoffmann, Optikpark Rathenow; Himmelpfort / GERMANY

Performances for German Public TV: ARTE and ZDF, “BECOMING AN INDIAN DANCER? Bollywood”, Ensemble Carolin Goedeke / Indischer Tanz Berlin

DRAWINGS and Performances for NABU (Bund Naturschutz), HUMANIMALS

Interdisciplinary Theater, Solo, “KALIS RITEN REVUE”, Sophiensaele, Berlin


Since 1999 her artwork is presented in Museums, Galleries and on international Theater Stages:
for example in Museum für Modern Art Yekaterinburg / Russia; Gasteig Munich, Germany; Theater Yavanika, Bangalore/ India; International Festival of Arts; Ulan Bataar/ Mongolia; Galerie Weißer Elefant Berlin; Sophiensaele Berlin; Museum für Sepulkralkultur Kassel / Germany; Shivaratri Festival Parampara, Bangalore / India; Theater Eigenreich, Berlin; Indian Embassy, Berlin; Museum for Asian Art, Berlin; Castello di Nervi, Genoa/ Italy.
As Clarinettist she performed recently at Philhamonie Berlin (with Sinfonie Orchester Schöneberg), at Casa della Musica, Genova and at Museo del Mare, Genova, as well as she is creating Soundtracks for her Video Installations.

SOLO EXHIBITION: ANIMA MARE, Painting, Videoinstallation, Concerto; Castello di Nervi, Genoa, Italy; 8-23 Settembre 2018; Curata di Barbara Cella
VIDEO INSTALLATION: BIRDS & RESILIENCY, Group Exhibition: “Memory Box“, Castello di Nervi, Genoa, Italy
ARTE GENOVA, Art Fair, Video Installation:
GROUP EXHIBITION, Genova, Castello di Nervi: Artists of Fondazione Garaventa, PAINTINGS: SERIE MY OCEAN