Cetti Tumminia

Cetti Tumminia

Maranello, Emilia Romagna, Italy

About Cetti Tumminia

“I use real lights and shadows, but what I expect from them is, being beyond human existence, to be conductors from depth to surface. The latter, often finding its necessary place in the human face, must live imperfect as the approximation of perfect vulnerability.”
- Cetti Tumminia -

What the artist declares is symbolically and skilfully manifested in her extracts, in her diaries, showing her honesty. Accepting our shadows may bring pain, but at the same time evolution, change and self-acceptance. We can see ourselves in the contrasts of lights and shadows, as well as in their balance, we can see past our fears, our fragility may emerge, but also all the potential within ourselves. The light within us shines bright only after having known our depths, residing in the dark place of absolute silence and paradoxical awareness of the unperturbed internal reality. There is no conflict, there is a balance that in Tumminia’s works is resolved with total communication between what is inside ourselves and what is manifested on the outside, what one must be socially and what one really is: as it appears in the artist’s works, the key is the link between lights and shadows. “Introspection” derives exactly from an accurate self-analysis, of the emotions and deep motivations of our actions inside and out.

“There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”
- Carl Jung –

In the artist we observe a deep connection between the conscious reaction to the daily routine, which functions as inspiration, and a subconscious reaction to what is visible to her creating an ethereal bond between the woman she has to be and the woman she is inside, between soul and body, art and life. Tumminia tries to link the visible world to the invisible: the first through technique, full of black and white contrasts, where black becomes silence and exalts rediscovery and rebirth, the second through making the contrasts an elsewhere. The lines in her pieces hold such sensitivity that seems to be coming from distant memories: the lines express the personality of her subjects giving them a different personality and absolute uniqueness. The woman has the task of being “goddess”: she must show her sensitivity and empathy which communicate with her surroundings, with the energy and the universe escaping the dark areas inhabited by the fears and the cages created by the “obligation to be”, reaching the need of being free; the flowers, the roots, the natural elements interact perfectly with the sense of freedom as part of everything, all delegated to our inner self, “close your eyes and see”. In the artist’s works the eyes observe and through this the observers can communicate with their own souls because if art is communication, the art, as in Tumminia’s case, donates the essential keys to rediscover our souls and to be able to live in awareness the journey with ourselves. These eyes don’t judge her women, they never watch the observer with cheer or judgement, instead they gently move within the range of memories, of the past and if they look, if they observe, they do so with tenderness and make us feel alive, letting us rediscover somehow our sensitivity.

Born in Sassuolo (Modena) in 1977, obtains a Diploma di Maestro d'Arte and a Diploma in Graphic Design and Photography. Has always had an interest for the world of arts, her visual artist journey became professional in relatively recent years. Since 2013 begins her artistic research in the context of drawing and hyper realistic painting choosing graphite as favorite technique and experimenting at the same time on different mediums with a variety of painting means.
Since 2015 partakes in several collective exhibitions organized by both private galleries and public institutions, earning national and international acknowledgement.


1996 Diploma of Master of Art
1998 Diploma in Graphic Design and Photography


2020 Trame Emotive, 8.75 Artecontemporanea Gallery, Reggio Emilia
2019 DI-SEGNO IN-SEGNO, Cultural space Madonna del Corso, Maranello, Modena
2016 Grafite e Contaminazioni, MABIC, Maranello, Modena

2020 Fase 3, virtual exhibition because of Covid-19, curated by La Nuova Maniera
2019 7small, Laranarossa Gallery, Modena
2019 Vernice Art Prize Caos Italia - finalists exhibition, Bunker di Villa Caldogno, Caldogno, Vicenza
2019 Artecno International Art Contest - finalists exhibition - 3rd prize, Palace La Loggia, Motta di Livenza, Treviso
2019 Plurale Naturale, Gommapane Lab, Cavriago, Reggio Emilia
2019 HUMAN RIGHTS? #CLIMA International exhibition - finalists exhibitions, Campana dei Caduti Foundation, Rovereto, Trento
2019 WomenHouse, OnArt Gallery, Firenze
2019 Far Above The Moon, SpazioCima Gallery, Roma
2019 Arteinsieme, Cittadella della musica E.Morricone, Civitavecchia, Roma
2018 Arcane visioni, Alauda for Arts and Culture, Adelfia, Bari
2018 FACES - I volti dell’Uomo, Villa Brentano, Busto Garolfo, Milano
2018 Con la luce negli occhi, ex Fornace Gola, Milano
2018 Fisiognomica, OnArt Gallery, Firenze
2018 Marco Nocchia Prize - 3rd Festival of figurative art and hyperrealism—special mention, Cittadella della musica E.Morricone , Civitavecchia, Roma
2018 Marchionni Prize, 2nd traveling exhibition – winners exhibition, ModernArtMuseum Cà La Ghironda, Bologna
2018 Marchionni Prize, 1st traveling exhibition - winners exhibition, Collegio Raffaello Palace, Urbino
2018 Scrambled Art, Guareschi Museum, Brescello, Reggio Emilia
2018 HUMAN RIGHTS? #EDU International exhibition - finalists exhibition, Campana dei Caduti Foundation, Rovereto, Trento
2018 E se rimanessimo al buio?, Alauda for Arts and Culture, Altamura, Bari
2018 L’Arte va alla Rocca, Rocca Brivio Sforza, San Giuliano Milanese, Milano
2018 Marchionni International Prize - finalists exhibition, Magmma Museum, Villacidro, Sardegna
2018 Specchio - Immagine del Sé, OnArt Gallery, Firenze
2018 Alla fermata del treno, Museo Ferroviario Piemontese, Savigliano, Cuneo
2017 Lumen, Luce Città, Reggio Emilia
2017 Spazi transitori - finalists exhibition, Circuiti Dinamici, Milano
2017 E se domani, Palazzo Vecchio del Mauriziano, Reggio Emilia
2017 2nd Festival of figurative art, hyperrealism and portrait - special mention, Cittadella della Musica E.Morricone, Civitavecchia, Roma
2017 Con la luce negli occhi, Spazio Seicentro, Milano
2017 Eklectica-Diffusa, Galleria d’arte del cavallo, Valleggia di Quiliano, Savona
2017 Festival mediterraneo, Istituto Vittorio Emanuele II, Giovinazzo, Bari
2017 Coscienza Festival, Berceto, Parma
2017 La Quadrata - finalists exhibition, Melograno Art Gallery, Livorno
2017 In Arte con l’Ariosto, Palazzo Vecchio del Mauriziano, Reggio Emilia
2017 I Dauni International Art Competition - Caran d’Ache Prize, Vieste, Foggia
2017 Artelier Collage - finalists exhibition, Atelier dell’Artista, Motta di Livenza, Treviso
2017 Sentieri Astratti, Altheo Home, Milano
2016 Art Quake Centro Italia - L’Arte della Solidarietà, Muse o della Città, Rimini
2016 Donna è vita, Biblioteca Umanistica di Santa Maria Incoronata, Milano
2016 F, Filanda di Salzano, Venezia
2015 Il Paese dei Balocchi, Torre Civica di Mestre, Venezia
2015 Il Cantico dei colori, Nature Reserve of Sassoguidano, Pavullo nel Frignano, Modena
2015 Luce, Nature Reserve of Sassoguidano, Pavullo nel Frignano, Modena

2019 Arte Padova, Padova
2019 Paratissima15 Multiversity, Accademia Artiglieria, Torino
2019 Paratissima15 N.I.C.E. Collateral Beauty, Accademia Artiglieria, Torino
2019 Artrooms Fair Roma, The Church Village, Roma
2019 Paratissima Art Fair Bologna, Magazzini Romagnoli, Bologna
2018 Paratissima14 Feeling different, Caserma La Marmora, Torino

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