Christine Mathieu

Christine Mathieu

Montreuil, Ile de France, France

About Christine Mathieu

Winning the national photography schools competition on graduating from the Ecole Nationale
Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, Christine Mathieu exhibited her images for
the first time. After a 3-year residency/collaboration at the American Art Center in Paris,
where she received support from CMAP (Photography Department of the American Center
for Artists) to experiment with new media, she founded L’épicerie, the graphic studio
which, ever since, has been producing work for public buildings: museums, cultural and
social facilities. (colour - material – graphic design – artistic proposals).
Over the same period, her participation in events focusing on original graphic creations in
France led to her being asked to create artistic installations. Since 2002, the end results of
her artistic explorations have also been manifested in constantly renewed forms of photography.
Today her images are included in national and international exhibitions and collections.
A graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, Christine Mathieu
defines herself as a multi-disciplinary and undisciplined artist. “My interest in foreign
literature, my work as a graphic designer on historic and memorial sites, my artistic proposals
based on heritage objects, and my attraction to ethnographic collections provide me
with a range of possibilities to travel in time and space.”
“My attention is particularly focused on objects connected to women’s history. Daily objects
devoted to feminine tasks, which bear witness to the intensity of this work down through
time, across societies and cultures. And then there is finery. Wearing an ornament is not
accidental. Every set of finery communicates information. These objects are charged with
Christine Mathieu’s artistic work visits the ancestral symbolism of these objects that are
so ordinary and so extraordinary. In the wake of Louise Bourgeois and Ghada Amer, via
Annette Messager, many of her productions also invest the field of textile design.


ENSAD Paris - Ecole nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs


- ARTPARIS - Galerie Ségolène Brossette


Biennale Internationale du Lin - BLIP - Quebec
Artiste sélectionné - Cycle de recherche et de création - exposition

- ARTPARIS - Galerie Ségolène Brossette

Group show/festivals
- Galerie Ségolène Brossette - Paris
- Exposition et intervention - La fileuse, scène culturelle - Loos - F
- 13th International Textile Art Biennial "Scythia". Ukraine
- Fine Arts Festival - Layer House à Kranj. Slovénie

- 8th Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art - Madrid - Espagne
- International Textile Biennal - Haacht - Belgique

Group show
- Galerie Ségolène Brossette - Paris

Commissariat de l'exposition "Objets rêvés"
au Centre d'art contemporain Tignous - Ville de Montreuil - France.
- Dialogue entre l'ethnologue et l'artiste :
Bérénice Geoffroy-Schneiter et Christine Mathieu
Objets réparés, objets fétichisés : les artistes contemporains sont-ils les nouveaux "sorciers" ?
- Cycle de performances à partir de l'oeuvre de Georges Perec : Les mots

Solo show
- Parures, une histoire de la beauté - Ville d'Aix en Provence - France
- Musée d'art et d'histoire du Château de Martainville - Rouen - France
- Cité de la dentelle et du costume - Ville de Calais - France

Solo show
- Musée de Normandie - Ville de CAEN - France
- Cité de la dentelle et du costume - Ville de Calais - France
- Manufacture de Roubaix - France
- Biennale Contextile - French selection - Portugal
- Full forma - City of Granville - France
- "Host country FRANCE" in Zingst 2018 - Umweltfotofestival - French selection - Germany
- YIA Art Fair/Paris - Galerie Ségolène Brossette

- Residence artistique - Département de l’Eure et Ville de Conches
- Photobook Social Club - Signature du livre PARURES - Espace Beaurepaire - Paris
Group show
- Liberté d’être - Galerie Ségolène Brossette - Paris
- Artothèque de la ville de Poitiers - France
Solo show
- Musée du pays de Conches - Eure - France
- Fotofever - Galerie Ségolène Brossette - Paris
- STARTARTFAIR /Saatchigallery - London - Galerie Ségolène Brossette