Cintia Garcia

Cintia Garcia

Barcelona, Cataluña, Spain

About Cintia Garcia

I live in Barcelona, Spain.

I was born in Bahi­a Blanca on December 9, 1969. When I was 6 years old, along with my parents and brothers, I moved to Sierra Grande, a desolate mining town in Patagonia Argentina. Then we traveled north and settled in Carmen de Patagones. I lived 20 years in Patagonia. From that experience I remember the endless views over the desert plateau sinking into the sea. Orange sunsets while paddling on the Rio Negro. Cold and windy. Blue sky and loneliness.

At the age of 26 I moved to Buenos Aires, where I lived until 2016.

In 2016 I moved to Barcelona, Spain, and this is where I live, work, have family and friends.

My artworks arise from the confrontation between what I want and what I get; a leap into uncertainty between the desire to do and the impotence of doing it. The body"”oscillating"”is in the middle. Each line is the trace of a movement. The work is constructed by accumulation, color on color and line upon line. The strokes are like a bridge between two shores, a web that links fragments.
Intensity is an essential component of my work and forms part of a vital dynamic. The experiential operates as a time shift: a difference that is installed on the continuum of reality; a gap that lets you see what is hidden from the view.


• 2017 MFA Artistic Creation. Universitat de Barcelona, Spain.
• 2015 PAC Prácticas Artísticas Contemporáneas. Gachi Prieto Gallery.
• 2014 Artistas y dibujos: de Da Vinci a De Caro
Profesor: Eduardo Stupía. Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, Buenos Aires. Argentina.
• 2012 - BA Fine Art, IUNA (Instituto Universitario Nacional de Arte) Buenos Aires
• 2011 -2014 - Workshop with Sergio Bazan.
• 2008 – 2011 - Studied at the Educational Complex CEJ Jewellery Design and manufacture of jewelry.
• 2006 - Conceptual Art Seminar with Laura Batkis.
• 2005 - Thesis Seminar with Prof. Marcela Gasperi.
• 2004 - 2005 Training in Digital Art. Da Vinci School.
• 2001 - 2003 Studied of drawing with teacher Alfredo Portillos.
• 1994 - 1996 Studies of drawing with Adrian Tubio, in the city of Viedma, Río Negro.
• 1992 - 1996 Studied at the Arts career. U.N. Comahue, Viedma.
• 1992 - 1994 Studies of painting with Yoko Nakamura, in the city of Viedma, Río Negro.
• 1988 - 1991 National Title Magister of Visual Arts.


• 2019- RESISTENCIA, Xefo Gallery, Barcelona, España. • 2018- SOBRE EL SUELO Y DEBAJO, Petit Gallery, Lérida, España. 2017- 10ma. RUTA DE L’ART CASTELLÓ D’EMPÚRIES. Ampurias, España.
• 2017- EXIT-EXIST, Universitat de Barcelona.
• 2015 Shortlisted in "10° Concurso Nacional UADE Artes Visuales:
• March 2014 - DIÁMETRO Y CAÍDA. SCHLIFKA MOLINA ART GALERY. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

• 2013 – MAECENAS SVERIGE INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION ADA ART GALLERY BCN as invited artist by Curator Marcello Cazzaniga, Art Director of Camaver Kunsthaus Gallery. Barcelona, Spain.

• 2013 – "If I were Fire" (S'i fossi foco) as invited artist by Curator Marcello Cazzaniga , Art Director of Camaver Kunsthaus Gallery at "Villa Monastero”. Varenna, Lecco. Italy. Drawings.

• 2010 - "Crear Creer" (create and believe) as invited guest with Curator Marcela Gásperi at "La Recova de Posadas”. Buenos Aires , Drawings and Jewelry.

• 2007. "ARTECLASICA" . Flor Salas Gallery. 4th. Contemporary Art Fair. Objects.

• 2006. "NATIONAL VISUAL ARTS HALL 2006 - New Media and Facilities". Selected for National Exhibition Award. National Palace of Arts. Buenos Aires City. Installation.

• 2005. "Conjeturas Paradojales" Marcela Gásperi Curator. Berni Room, Borges Cultural Center. Buenos Aires. Installation on emptiness and infinite possibility.

• 2004. Gallery "La Papelera de San Telmo", Buenos Aires City. Drawings on paper.

• 2003. Cultural Center "Francisco de Viedma". Viedma, Río Negro . Invited to the exhibition of artists from Río Negro in Buenos Aires.

• 2001. Art Space "Don Quijote", Viedma, Río Negro. Displays "Bodies" Oil, cartapesta and wood on female body and how to look.

• 1997. Cultural Center "Francisco de Viedma". Viedma, Río Negro. Regional Exhibition Expo.

• 1994. Association of Artists of the South. Cultural Center "Francisco de Viedma". Viedma, Río Negro. Illustrated Poetry Lounge.

• 1989. Cultural Center "Francisco de Viedma". Viedma, Río Negro, Patagonia argentina. Selected in the context of young artists of the region Viedma- Carmen de Patagones.