Deja Mar

Deja Mar

Uzice, Uzice, Serbia

About Deja Mar

Dejan Markovic - Deja Mar (1989. Belgrade, Serbia)

Welcome to my gardens.
With too much pressure to be informed, active, politically, and socially involved there is little to no time for peace and beauty.
Without any serious thought and aspiration, I started creating those gardens for my own pleasure, like a haven, sort of escape to a place where I can meditate and gain strength for the everyday struggle. I was more than moved and grateful to find out that this escapism is welcomed in private collections over the globe.
Usually, I do collages but recently I started going back to painting, always trying to stay true to myself but never the same, exploring color, forms, composition, trying to find the perfect piece of childhood memory, dream, adventure.
If I need to put some artistic labels on my works, I would describe them as minimalistic color-field abstractions with pop art elements.
Parallel to this, I have more than 15 years of writing poetry, and more than 10 years of performance art practice under the name Dejan Klement.


Academy of Fine Arts, Trebinje, painting
Academy of Fine Arts, Belgrade, painting
Masterclass Marina Abramovic Institute, performance
High School of Art, Užice, sculpture


2020 The act of disappearance, Dogadjanja gallery, Zagreb, Croatia (solo)
2020 Time 244’33 – IVA.lab, gallery Podroom, Belgrade, Serbia
2020 Video Art Maiden, Kalamata, Greece
2020 Exhibition of empty pockets, DOB gallery, Belgrade, Serbia (solo)
2019 Regional Art Salon, City Gallery Uzice, Serbia
2019 V Festival de Video nodoCCS, Barcelona, Spain
2019 GRISIA youth, Rovinj, Croatia
2019 Janela Video-arte, ZONA Lamego, Argentina
2019 Videntities, City Gallery Belgrade, Serbia
2019 Inspired by Persephone, Artig Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2018 Regional Art Salon, City Gallery Uzice, Serbia
2018 November Art Salon, Museum of Kraljevo, Serbia
2018 Mangelos award, Remont Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
2018 Almost resistance, U10 Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
2017 Regional Art Salon, City Gallery Uzice, Serbia
2017 November Art Salon, Museum of Kraljevo, Serbia
2017 DOBA OBNOVE, gallery Reflektor, Uzice, Serbia
2017 Borderland esc, City Gallery Uzice, Serbia
2017 BelgradePhotoMonth, City Gallery Vracar, Belgrade, Serbia
2017 DIFFERENT WORLDS, CEHOP, Bratislava, Slovakia; Viltin Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2017 The good wife, Cultural Center Banski dvor, Banjaluka, Bosnia and Herzegovina (solo)
2017 The good wife, BPM & UNILIB, Belgrade, Serbia (solo)
2016 The artist is dead, Cultural Center GRAD, Belgrade, Serbia (solo)
2016 DIFFERENT WORLDS, Photon Gallery, Vienna, Austria; Kino Siska, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2016 DIGITALBIGSCREEN, Delavski Dom, Trbovlje, Slovenia
2016 RETHink Art Digital Festival, Act&Art Productions, Rethymno, Greece
2016 OFF THE WALL, Arts + Literature Laboratory, Madison, USA
2016 Methodologies, deconstruction of identity Cultural Center GRAD, Belgrade, Serbia
2015 sTERORtipi, Queer salon, Cultural Center GRAD, Belgrade, Serbia
2014 stART, University Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
2014 Mulafoco, Museum of Contemporary Photography, Uruguay
2013 Mediterranea 16 – Errors Allowed, Progres Gallery – Belgrade, Serbia
2011 Japan, Gallery of Modern Art, Lazarevac, Serbia (solo)
2008 Body language, manifestation ISKON, Pozega, Serbia (solo)

2018 1st award, Regional Art Salon, City Gallery Uzice, Serbia
2018 Mangelos finalist, Young Visual Artists Awards, Serbia
2014 Best photographer of the year, Mulafoco, Uruguay
2012 Best student of the Academy of Fine Arts, University of East Sarajevo
2012 Best student of the Painting Department, Academy of Fine Arts of Trebinje