Peter Sweck

Peter Sweck

Springfield, MA, United States

About Peter Sweck

I began my interest in art while in high school. The school had a solid art department. For four years I was immersed in commercial art, fine art - that included sculpting, photography, ceramics/pottery, and print making. Through these years, my pieces were entered, through the art department, in regional art exhibits, mostly Boston and Worcester, and placed/won awards for primarily pottery, although if memory serves a few pieces in other media.


With the fundamentals I took with me from my high school years, I furthered my own education through my own experimentation and self learning, although I did take several more classes during my 2 years at the Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC. These were in pottery and drawing classes. Also, I had further education in, while there in drawing and color theory.


I have no new events coming up. In the past I was accepted and exhibited in the Faber Biren Art show which showcased in Stamford Ct. once yearly. The juried show selected from 800 entries, were picked by art curators of various museums including the Guggenheim.