CR Shelare

CR Shelare

Amravati, Maharashtra, India

About CR Shelare

I am sensible to the nature around, the happening around which inspires me to express my association and the response around. That's made me an artist; artist has various mediums to express their sensibility, which becomes their tools to interpret their feelings and ideas. A dancers uses her body, a musician her voice, instrumentalist their instrument, painters his paint and brush, whereas I used camera as my tool to express myself. It's a great tool it encapsulate the reality, on the other hand it evokes certain feelings among the viewers. My every image has certain aesthetic value, which makes it looks like an art piece.
Each and everything around me whether it is social, content of beauty or simple it inspires me to shoot. I get stimulated everything around me.


The Nehru Center, London 2015
Index, The Art Enclave, Mumbai 2014
Jehangir Art Gallery 2013
ART HOUZ, Chennai 2013
Navi Mumbai Art Festival 2013
Photo Fest 2013 CBD Mumbai 2013
Sant Dnyaneshwar Art Gallery, Amravati 2012
Akhil Bharatiya Marathi Sahitya Sammelan, Chandrapur 2012
Jawaharlal Darda Art Gallery, Nagpur 2011
Lou Tice's Ranch, Twisp WA, USA 2010
Real Life Church, Gallery, Maple
Valley, WA, USA 2010
The Pacific Institute, Seattle WA, USA 2010
Art Gallery, NASHIK 2009
Nehru Center, Mumbai. 2009
Granthali Prakashan Trust 2008
Art 2 day Gallery, Pune. 2007
Kaloti Sabhaghruh, Amravati 2007
Revati Pride, Yavatmal 2007
Tapdiya Art Gallery, Aurangabad 2006
Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University,
Amravati 2006
Kalidas Art Gallery, Akola 2006
Chikhaldara Mohatsav, Chikhaldara. 2005
Vanita Samaj, Amravati 2005
South Central Zone Art Gallery, Nagpur 2004
Revati Pride, Yavatmal 2003