Martin Dace

Martin Dace

Richond-upon-Thames, United Kingdom

About Martin Dace

Who am I? As Alice said, there have been so many changes I'm not sure any more. I used to believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast, but now I am quite out of practice.

Regarding art: after the Dadaists it seems that art can be almost anything. Personally, I prefer to pursue beauty. A work of art can be figurative or abstract, but art has the deepest effect when it requires little or no writing to explain it and when it is beautiful rather than shocking.

My current work is an exploration of simplicity: lino prints in one colour. It either works or it doesn't and there is nowhere to hide.


I have attended courses at West Dean College and many life-drawing sessions at the Art House in Lewisham, and learned portrait painting in oils at Morley College, London.