Dagmara Dziewiatkowska

Dagmara Dziewiatkowska

Częstochowa, Śląsk, Poland

About Dagmara Dziewiatkowska

Dagmara Dziewiątkowska was born in Częstochowa, Poland in 1982.

She is an economist and physiotherapist by education, but she was not on the way with educated professions.

Painting has been her passion since childhood, and although she did not educate herself in this field, she was always surrounded by her from every side, because her mother and brother also painted in her family home.

She experimented with various techniques of artistic expression, trying to find her own way.

In her works, the artist strives to simplify the form of the message as much as possible, eliminating unnecessary elements in order to fully reflect the intended composition.

In times of general noise and chaos, she decided to close her thoughts in simple forms, symbolizing order and harmony.

The mood of the artist's works is characterized by calm, which has been achieved thanks to minimalist compositions, which are characterized by a limited color palette.

While contemplating the artist's works, we find relief and relaxation in them.

The simple forms of her paintings make them a perfect match for modern, minimalist or Scandinavian interiors.


April 2020 Femikolektyw Online Exhibition of Young Art

October 2020 Pragaleria Art Gallery Warsaw

02-08 November 2020 Saatchi Art's Week Collection