Daria Kudla

Daria Kudla

Berlin, Germany

About Daria Kudla

why draw/ i collect and exhibit scattered impressions/ picked from the bottom of a dream/ my head is full/ of merry-go-rounds with horses waiting to be ridden/ their hooves above the ground/ ready to go/ inviting to their paper carriages/ so i jump in/ and hold on to their bright painted manes/ shape them again with my pencil fingers/ reshaping myself/ inspired enchanted/ i draw as i go/ i am their collector/ and their creator.


MSc Scientific, Medical & Technical Translation, Imperial College London, UK
BA and MA in Applied and Cognitive Linguistics, University of Wroclaw, Poland
exhibitions:STROKE.02 (Munich, Germany) - May, 2010
Galerie Maisterschueler (Berlin, Germany) - August and September, 2010,
STROKE.03 (Berlin, Germany) - October 2010 ,
designed for the Duchess of Faber Castell's ALLEIRA-M Fashion Line (Berlin, Germany)- December 2010