Dasha Pears

Dasha Pears

Helsinki, Uusimaa, Finland

About Dasha Pears

Photography turned out to be a way of discovering my true-self and expressing it. My works are a reflection of this discovery process and I hope that they can help others who are on the same journey as me. In metaphorical ways I try to show and share processes that are going on in many people’s minds: dealing with negative self-talk, being overwhelmed by all kinds of emotions, finding that activity that puts you in the state of flow, when time ceases to exist.

My photography is influenced by classical fine art, surrealism, as well as fantasy and science fiction books. The instruments of surrealism help me show that the scene is only partially real and that most of it is going on in the character’s mind. My works are carefully composed and many of them are leaning towards minimalism. This is my way of expressing that controlling your mind and creating space is crucial for discovering who you are and who you are not.




2020 - Project Exhibition "Old is the New "New" - ERARTA MUSEUM AND GALLERY OF CONTEMPORARY ART, St. Petersburg, Russia

2020 - Solo Exhibition "Imagine Music" - Helsinki, Finland

2019 - Group Exhibition "Ethereal: a Daily Poetry" - Paris, France

2018 - Group Exhibition "Prix de la Photographie Paris" - Paris, France

2018 - Group Exhibition "Trierenberg Super Circuit" - Linz, Austria

2018 - Group Exhibition "Rendez-vous • Image" - Strasbourg, France

2017 - Group Exhibition "ART photo 2017. Eurasia" - Orenburg, Russia

2017 - Solo Exhibition "Ordinary Magic" - Galeri "Zebra", Karjaa, Finland

2017 - Group Exhibition "Trierenberg Super Circuit" - Linz, Austria

2016 - Group Exhibition "Energia 2016" - Belchalow, Poland

2016 - Group Exhibition "Best of Russia" - Winzavod, Moscow, Russia